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Adobe download destroyed my system. Please help!!

By lanecrane ·
I downloaded a trial version of Adobe and checked off every McCaffe Anti-Virus offer. When it was complete, infections started popping up everywhere and locked me out of my computer. My 'task manager' says it's been disabled by the Administrator who is me.
Adobe will not help. They say it was a coincidence.


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I'd say it was too...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Adobe download destroyed ...

Time to boot into safe mode and run those virus scans and malware scans...

Sometimes installs just go wrong. Had that happen several times and it corrupted the registry beyond repair.

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Safe Mode

by lanecrane In reply to I'd say it was too...

I tried safe mode and Mcafee just kept coming up and locked me out even in safe mode. I can't even access my task manager in safe mode as it says 'administrator has disabled' and I am the administrator.
Adobe does this to get you to buy Mcafee anti-virus and when you check everything off and do not want any of it, your computer becomes instantly infected. This is extortion and after calling Adobe all they say was that it was a coincidence. They will not let you speak with a supervisor or give you the number to their legal department. They don't even use Mcafee for theirs. What a scam!

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"I downloaded a trial version of Adobe "

by seanferd In reply to Safe Mode

From the Adobe site? What Adobe product? What McAfee product?

(I didn't know any came bundled with McAfee.)

Right now, I'm wondering if this real Adobe or McAfee software, though, and not malware.

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Yup it does offer it...

by cmiller5400 In reply to "I downloaded a trial ver ...

If you try to download flash player/ adobe reader it offers "Free McAfee? Security Scan Plus (optional)" as a check box that is checked by default.

I just don't get why this guy/gal is on a rip about it. His system was probably infected before the install.

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Safe Mode

by Wildfire365 In reply to Safe Mode

This sounds like highjacking adware you need to get a adware program and load it and scan your computer. This might get it fixed. But some times when you get this it will ruin your IE and if it does you need to clean the junk off and back up you stuff and do a reload. But just don't do a backup untill you clean the system.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Safe Mode

Adobe definitely got seen through. By you.
And McAfee turns out to be a virus! What a scoop.

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Safe Mode

by Wildfire365 In reply to Safe Mode

Just got done reading some more of the input and it sounds good on some stuff but its best to get a system thats clean and hook it to and clean. But with malware after that you still need to reload just don't know why people haven't said anything about reloading. Once reload is done then put on AVG - Malwarebytes - and a firewall then you should be ok. Just remember if you ok to download a file with all this protection you can still get something but with this setup you can scan the download and you will stay pretty safe.Free AVG has a setting to scan incomming and out going mail.

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System Restore

by jswinberlin In reply to Adobe download destroyed ...

Did you download the trial from Adobe? You might try booting in safe mode and trying to do a system restore. It sounds like you accidently installed or were infected by a face antivirus software that is detecting problems that probably don't really exist. This can be very alarming and you'll naturally want to resolve it as soon as possible...if you act hastily, you may download removal software or try to fix the problems, which will make the problem worse or cheat you out of your money. It's getting to the point where it seems like you have to create a retore point before you do anything that might be risky and hope that you can restore if you have problems.

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Re-enable the task manager in safe mode

by stephen_raj In reply to Adobe download destroyed ...

Take your computer to safe mode with networking and use the below link to re-enable the task manager :

After enabling the task manager please make sure to deactivate the antivirus completely from your computer. Run a scan using any of the tools: Trojan remover & roguefix (check with website:

After the infections has been removed reboot the computer to normal mode and install Adobe first - then install Mcaffee and run the updates completely. if Adobe is not working make sure to modify the settings of Mcaffee and firewall (enabling adobe).

After everything has been completed successfully make sure to run a complete scan using Mcaffee.

Once everything has been done uninstalled the trojan remover or roguefix which was installed earlier. (it is not recommended to have more than one system security)

I hope this helps - Thank you for your time:
Stephen D.

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Safe Mode

by Wildfire365 In reply to Re-enable the task manage ...

I've dealt with this a lot and you can clean the system, use malwarebytes to keep clean load it and use it. MacAfee - Symantec well that?s the first things I delete when i get a computer in. You will have to get a clean computer and hook your harddrive to it as a second drive and run a malwarebytes on it that will clean the drive. Then put your drive back in your computer and reload it of course before you unhook from the clean computer back up what you want to keep. Then with malware your system is trashed so reload and add malwarebytes with a antivirus like AVG then add a firewall Then the only time you will get infected is if you let it by going to a site and agree to download something that?s on a infected site or on someones computer from like Limeware. Good luck

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