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Adobe issue

By luv2bike2 ·
We are using MAX MRP software and we have in the past (up until at least a week ago) been able to export reports from MAX to Adobe.
We all know the routine where we say we want to export it to Adobe and to disk, than we would get the box that asks where do you want to save it, and than it will save it. now we do not get the box to save it and we have no idea where the file is save to or even if it is saved. We can export to excel and crystal reports through MAX however not to adobe.

MAX is installed on one server and my users access it by logging into the Terminal Server.

I have contacted MAX support team but they are telling me that they can not support our version of MAX they only support versions 4 and 5 of MAX, we are on 3.

the only thing that has change on the server were everyone access MAX is, I upgraded Symantec Backup Exec from 10d to 11d. That should not have effected MAX and Adobe. The only other change was MS Updates and again i don't think that would cause this issue.

MAX is installed on one server however my users access it through the Terminal Server.

I have upgraded Adobe 6 to 7 last night and still have the issue. i am going to try to upgrade to 8 tonight and see if that will fix the issue.

has anyone had this problem before?


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Adobe is not the problem

by robo_dev In reply to Adobe issue

The Symantec or MS updates most definitely could have hosed the app.

For example, if the Backup Exec update changed the Visual Basic Runtime Libraries, that would throw a wrench into any Visual Basic application.

Or if BE 11D updated your .Net libraries, all bets are off. If the MAX app has a database, there could be ODBC issues, RPC issues, etc. etc.

One way to troubleshoot this would be to run a utility like FileMon. This allows you to watch, in real time, what files an application is atempting to access.

Another way is to run the app through a debugger such as PEBrowse...this would show you what library or DLL is being called when the application fault occurs.

The sledgehammer fix is to resinstall the application, which would fix whatever dlls or libraries got hosed from the BE upgrade. This WILL most likely break backup exec in the process.

My guess is that the application is making a call to a visual basic DLL...if the app was written for visual basic version 5 and you've just installed VB6, it's not going to work.

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i knew i should not have upgraded BE.

by luv2bike2 In reply to Adobe is not the problem

Thank you for getting back with your suggestions. i will try your suggestions and see what happens.

I am not looking forward to reinstalling the application however if that will cure the adobe issue and mess up BE so be it.

Thanks again :)

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Before you pull the pin and throw the grenade..

by bart777 In reply to i knew i should not have ...

Try removing all instances of Adobe. Make sure you get the registry keys and file folders. Also verify that the printer is gone from the printer window.

I have also seen this before but in my case it WAS Adobe. Specifically the print function. When you program goes to save the file as a PDF it calls the Adobe printer. If that gets hosed for any reason you can have some headaches.

Try a little cleanup before you take BE off. I've used many versions of BE with all sorts of apps on terminal servers and I've never seen it do this. Not to say that it didn't but.....

Best of luck.

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i will give it a try

by luv2bike2 In reply to Before you pull the pin a ...

Thank you Bart.
i will do what i can tonight remotely to see if that works.
i will post what happens.

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cleanup of adobe did not work

by luv2bike2 In reply to Before you pull the pin a ...

i uninstalled Adobe reader 7 and cleaned up the registery file of adobe 6 and 7 instances, rebooted, installed adobe reader 8, rebooted and still have the issue.

since the server has Adobe reader, there is no printer for Adobe in the printer and faxes.

The MRP software tech support told me that their software uses the printer that the user has set up on under their logon to the Terminal Server.

Any other ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :)

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