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By peggymcclinton ·
My problem is with Adobe pdf files on a E-Machine S2482 running stinking windows xp.
When you try to open the pdf files if it does not lock up the computer, your lucky.
When it will open them you can't close the window because it closes all your windows and you lose what you was working on. I work with more than 1 window open at a time.
And generally it is sometime up to a 40 minute wait to open a file that is of any size over 5 pages.
I am unable to open the real estate forms from the trec home page for my listings etc. because of this. I have a problem opening the files from my other business where people believe this is the only way to save documents meaning I can't access them.
PDF does not play nice with windows xp.
As you notice I hate both. I have downloaded, uninstalled, reinstalled,and tried everything that I know of to make it work.
Is there any way to make Adobe work properly on this machine?

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Adobe PDF Files


Does your computer have plenty of RAM, and is the pagefile (swapfile) setup correctly.

Also, have you tried installing the latest version of Adobe Reader which is 7. This comes with a speed start that runs when you boot and speeds the loading of Adobe Reader.

I have Adobe Reader installed on many of the machines on my network and I have had no problems with it. Only one time was there a problem, and that was because the computer did not have enough RAM - it took A-G-E-S to open anything.

Good luck

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by peggymcclinton In reply to

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I do not kno wabout the Pagefile thing or the swapfile but I am a fast learner.I will have it checked out.Thank you

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by In reply to Adobe PDF Files


You have made a rather extraordinary report.

Windows XP is a fine system. Adobe Reader is a fine application. Both are relatively resource-hungry. I use both and am very satisfied. Your report cites extreme behavior. Something is very wrong and it's not Windows XP or Adobe Reader.

Extremely low RAM or slow processor could cause such slow performance. But, based on the model number you cite, your system should have a fast processor and at least a reasonable amount of RAM.

I suspect:
- Hardware problem.
- Virus or other malware infection.

- Virus scan.
- Spyware scan.
- Get hands-on help with diagnosing any hardware problems you have on this system.

You have something to look forward to. When you've resolved the malware infection and/or hardware problem you have, you'll be pleasantly surprised how well Windows XP and Adobe Reader work. I use both every day.

Good luck...

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)
Advanced pro bono tools and utilities free for personal use

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by peggymcclinton In reply to

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I have new Virus and spyware I keep on the computers. I have had good luck with the adobe on my other computer, A Dell oem workstation.I had it set up with windows 98 but I also had zip forms on there with my adobe and had no problems with the computer or the adobe.
I have had nothing but trouble with this computer since I bought it. I will get it checked for the hardware problems and extra memory etc. put in and see if it fixes it.

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by peggymcclinton In reply to Adobe PDF Files

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