Adobe PDF printing comes out with what looks to be corrupted PDF's

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I am working with a customer to print out several 11x17 print jobs from Bentley Microstation v8i version 180 and version 443 (Series 2) have been tested.
- Issues with the print output where the customers logo gets flaky and what looks to be the image gets corrupted....

One of the issues is that when printing the PDF which shows Grid lines ok in the Bentley Microstation software ok, the output from the Ricoh C4501 using either a PS or PCL 5c driver shows the following.

The vertical and horizontal lines are missing. - print1-grid-false.pdf
The grid shows up but the lines up above which act as a legend of sorts, I believe it is called a line style, is messed up. - print2-grid-true.pdf

We have switched between using Adobe Acrobat Reader X and the full version Pro X.
Same issues.

We have tried printing to another printer, an HP but that printer doesn't print out 11x17.

We have spoken many times with Bentley support, their thought is that it is a Ricoh firmware issue or that the print driver is problematic.

The border and grid working shows both the line styles and more working ok.
I don't see a good source for troubleshooting the issue from Adobe standpoint. Has anyone out there had issues with Microstation printing out these PDF's

The customer has sent PDF's to clients and the same issues printing occur.

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Some easy steps might help you to handle with such error message in .pdf

by sylaspetty In reply to Adobe PDF printing comes ...

Step 1
Open your favorite Web browser and click “File” from the toolbar.
Step 2
Click “Open” and then click “Browse” to find the PDF file on your hard drive. Select “All Files” from the Files drop-down menu and select the “PDF Filename” of the file you think is corrupted.
Step 3
Click “Open” and then click “OK.” If the file opens, then the server is the problem, not the file. If you get an error message, you can try to repair the file.

If these steps by any reason can’t help you, you may visit next reliable resources... - universal forum for digging information out about ways of recovering corrupted .pdf documents - microsoft community where discussed the same issue PDF Repair Toolbox - restores pdf files after corruption in Adobe Acrobat&Reader

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