Adobe Reader 9 - Displaying Issue

By pranabesh ·
Hi All,

Right now I am using Adobe Reader 9 to display on the web page. While displaying the dynamic contents, its displaying Vertically.

Note :
1 . The page I have designed with Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro.
2 . The page is portrait format.
3 . When I click the "Highlight Field Button" the text seems fine (i.e. Horizontally).
4 . I have to use this on the IE web browser.

I have written a javascript code to disable the "Highlight Field Button", it worked fine for me. But I think its not a permanent solution to this issue.

Could anybody tell me how to remove this "Highlight Field Button" from the Adobe Reader 9? (either by writing a script or by disabling from the Adobe Reader 9 features or any special things I need to consider)

If there is a problem understanding the issue then please let me know.

Thanks & Regards,

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I understand the issue..........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Adobe Reader 9 - Displayi ...

However, I don't believe the button can be disabled. It's part of the Reader plug-in for the browser.

What I fail to understand is why you're designing a WEB PAGE with Adobe? Why are you not designing a PDF document which can be displayed in the browser? Done this way, the page automatically resizes to the browser window and the fields don't move. Sounds to me as if the 'page' you've designed, or the fields themselves, are too wide for the browser window, forcing things to go vertical on you (e.g. they're moving and not locked down).

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Adobe Reader 9 - Displaying Issue

by pranabesh In reply to I understand the issue... ...


Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your contribution.

My problem is some what different. I think I was not able to make it clear to you by my post.

Ok let me put this in different manner.
First thing, I am not designing any web page with Adobe, but whatever you have mentioned here (designing a PDF document which can be displayed in the browser), I am doing the same way.

2nd thing, field's size are proper. So I think it won't be a problem to lock down and show in a vertical manner.

By the way I have posted on the Adobe site about the same issue and guess what!!! I got to know that it may be a bug on Adobe Reader 9. i.e., When you design a document in landscape, the texts alignment shows in vertical manner.

So if you have any comments on the same, to resolve the issue, then please put me on the loop. :)

Thanks & Regards,

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