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    Adobe Reader icon prob. Update to yesterdays question. Thanx 4 responses


    by dannerpaint ·

    System Restore won’t work, Oldest restore point is few days ago & have been dealing w/ this since around 8/15/11. Thanks for the response though. (Change User. (Back to ORIGINAL Admin. Acct.) > ICONS ARE ALTERED HERE!!! ~ Go back to NEW user acct., DL Adobe Flash (10.3), works fine. // Check IE version (9.3)., CLOSE, switch to ‘Broken’ user acct. **[SIDENOTE, is it normal for something called Adobe AIR to show up w/ Reader Download ???] ~ Check IE version (9.3), ** I SWEAR it showed ver. 6 yesterday**. Try DLing anyways (MS site) in both 64, then 32bit. Won’t LOAD, Msg says “Newer version already on computer”. ~ Switch back to NEW Admin. Acct., Check Ver. (9.0.8112.16421, Update Ver.9.0.2 (KB2559049)). >Switch user, Check older Admin. Acct. Shows SAME. Uninstall stuff, *3 Screensavers. > Icons Still Altered after shutdown & reboot. Uninstall EVERYTHING installed since comp. was new, *2 more screensavers & Bearshare. ~ Goto Uninstall, select Adobe Reader X, select ‘Change’. RESTART comp. No result (Icons still Altered). > UNINSTALL. Icons revert back to normal (default appearance and file associations.) This is crazy and driving me there. I can’t understand how or why everything is fine in NEW user acct. but messed up in old. Since everything (programs, etc…) apppear to be identical. I would just delete old acct. & use new one if I knew how to transfer files (pics, music, pdf’s, & especially IE Favorites) to new one. Although I dion’t believe this would FIX the real problem which is what I desire to do. RE..I AM quite novice w/ computers, though this problem is Forcing me to learn a bunch. Thanks for any additional ideas. K

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      by dannerpaint ·

      In reply to Adobe Reader icon prob. Update to yesterdays question. Thanx 4 responses


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      That was an effort to read and understand

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Adobe Reader icon prob. Update to yesterdays question. Thanx 4 responses

      The occasional break helps no end. :0

      But what has happened here is that your User Account has become corrupt. It happens and while not as common as some will say it’s not all that uncommon either. You need to understand that [b]Windows Tells you Lies[/b] You also have to understand that there are 2 components of this [b]New[/b] computer the Hardware supplied by Acer [i]I think[/i] and the software supplied by Microsoft.

      The Hardware seems to be working OK but the Software is working about as well as can be expected. M$ never made great software just something that works [b]Well Enough[/b]

      To that end copy all your Data as Plain Data to a Temp Folder [i]you have made[/i] somewhere on the C Drive and then open the new User Account and copy your data back into the My Documents Folder and so on. When you are sure that you have all your Data in place you can delete the Old User Account.

      Ideally instead of relying on the Acer Backup Utility you should copy your Data to whatever you have as Plain Data just highlight whatever it is you have and copy it to whatever you have as Backup Media. The Acer Backup utility backs up the entire corrupt OS including the User Account and OS and if you rely on this to restore your Data it’s also going to restore the corruption. 😉


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