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By sockpuppet ·
If you guys can tolerate a question from a simple layman, is there a more secure alternate to Adobe Reader for pdf files. As a side question, I've always been curious as to why Microsoft acknowledges a security flaw/vulnerability, but then waits until "Security Patch Tuesday" to patch it. Sorry if I'm insulting anyone's intelligence, but I'd really appreciate any answers. Thanks

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yes there are, but they depend upon the system you're using.

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Adobe Security

As a general rule, is is my first stop re software:

and they list a couple of alternatives at

I use kpdf which is part of the KDE project as I use Linux not Windows. In the past I've used a program called xpdf. there are a lot of alternatives out there now. A Google search may help you much more.

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I don't quite understand what you mean ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Adobe Security

More SECURE in what way?

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Well, you could try an alternativelike Foxit

by seanferd In reply to Adobe Security

But some PDF reader will share similar vulnerabilities sometimes. But anything that does not add tons of extraneous additional software like Adobe Reader (and you have no choice in this at installation time, even if you are aware of it) will be likely to be subject to fewer possible vulnerabilities.

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