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Adopting Linux in the enterprise

By bionicdog ·
I am conducting a survey on some of the driving forces that could influence a CIO's or IT directors decision to adopt linux and will greatly appreciate to get some feedback from users in from of responses to the following questions. Thanks

(Please complete this section and provide as much relevant detail as possible to the best of your knowledge)

1) Currently most Linux distributions are free with minimal licensing cost at most; will you adopt Linux if it became more commercial and charged more standard based licensing fees?

2) Will you deploy Linux in your organization, if there were more proprietary flavors of Linux with less interoperability with other Linux kernel based operating systems and if yes, why?

3) What type of applications have you used in Windows operating systems that you wish where available on Linux operating system?

4) Based on the following excerpt below, what impact if any will it have or had on your adoption of Linux or other open source software and why?
?SCO group alleges that IBM programmers and other open-source developers illegally contributed Unix System V source code to the Linux Kernel so they filed a $3 billion intellectual property lawsuit against IBM and continues to hold out the possibility that Linux users will be held liable too. (Greenemeier, L, 2003)?

5) What benefits do you envision your company deriving if you decide to adopt Linux and what is the turn around time to achieve this benefit?

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by uffe.sommerlund In reply to Adopting Linux in the ent ...

I) I would still consider replacing MS for Linux, for security reasons.

II) triggy question there is a 2 way question here yes if the main issues in the desktop inviroment is stable (Linux I would demand for my servers) for my clients I would still use MS for the cost saving issue for training. Stability on the Network side.

3). It is already top performed but more server tools, something like WhatsUp Gold, HP Openview (Alike thing).

4). wouldn't care a daim how often has mr. MS not been prosecuted with charges of Monopol, to aggressive marketing plus many other cases.

5). turn around is a big question deciding of one the company IT Infrastructure already in place. research of Services to run which server type supports it. 23000 servers around the globe 2 year of planning and testing + 1? year of implementation.

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