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    ADP+SQL Server versus Access+Windows Terminal Services


    by smmtech ·

    I have over seven years developed a sophisticated, busness process oriented Access database, covering all aspects of operations for a customers business, from payroll to production. Some of the conversion requirements mentioned for an ADP+SQL Server are dauting. If I appreciate one additional contraint correctly (not mentioned in the article), I also cannot have a forms data field as a query parameter even in a stored query.

    My question is this: if all Access clients are able to run on the server via Windows Terminal Services, is there any benefit to moving to the ADP+SQL Server model?

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      I suppose that depends on the number of users

      by atjjensen ·

      In reply to ADP+SQL Server versus Access+Windows Terminal Services

      If you are going to dish up your Access database to users via Terminal Server, then you really have not addressed any of the scalability short falls of Access vc SQL Server. Save possibly network bandwidth.

      I have supported clients with shared Access databases using upwards of 40 Concurrent Users. IMO this is getting close to the limit, if not well over it. Depends on number of updates versus reads, this particular app was update heavy. One of these clients attempted to make the move to terminal server, I was not part of the project but I do know it was less then satisfactory. The client did come back to the firm I was at and purchase the Oracle / Custom front end solution.

      I should say this was a few years ago, so purhaps Access is better suited to this these days, I don’t know, since going independent, I have finally broken my reliance on MS and gone to Open Source tools.

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