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    Adprep – DomainPrep


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    Status: offline I am installing our very first version of Exchange. We have been using a competing email product in the past. My question is.

    If our domain functional level and forest functional level are already at WServer 2003 level, do I still need to run run AdPrep + DomainPrep during the very first Exchange 2007 installation?

    Also. Doesn’t Exchange 2007 run these routines during install as well?

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      by kenan.duzdas ·

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      Yes you do.

      by bart777 ·

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      Exchange has it’s own schema that attaches to AD. It uses the ADPREP tool to accomplish this. In some cases you may need to actually update your domain schema as well if it’s too old. I believe schema 31 is still the latest level for W2k3.

      Let teh Exchange install do it’s thing and you will be fine. Keep in mind that Exchange needs to connect directly with AD so this is quite normal.

      Best of luck.

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