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ADSL Internet connection drops

By manuel_minut ·
Hello. I have the following configuration:

- Netgear ADSL Modem/Router w/ 4 RJ-45 ports
- 2 ethernet 100 Mbps full-duplex Switches (very simple, just a
box with 8 connectors)
- 10 PCs w/ Win2000 Professional SP4 and Norton System Works
2003 updated almost daily
-1 Macintosh PB G4

Problem Description:
When there is only ona PC connected, everything goes smoothly.
i have internet connection. This one PC is connected on the
Netgear directly, no other switch involved. When i connect
antoher PC the internet connection drops, i cannot resucitate it
until i disconnect one of the PCs from the Network. The secon
PC can be connected to the same Netgear Modem/Switch or
through another switch, it doesn't matter, the internet
connection drops anyway. The bad thing is sometimes it works
sometimes it doesn't. i identified ONE PC that is always
disconnecting the Internet and isolated it. i ran all possibles
Fixes i found on Symantec's site, I updated the Antivirus and ran
it 5 times. Still nothing. BUT the drag is, there are other PC that
behave the same, still unidentified. For the moment I only have
the Apple PowerBook connected this is how I am posting this
message and this is how I search the web for stuff to fix this

Any advise?!

Manuel Minut

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by mikex In reply to ADSL Internet connection ...

Borrow another router (different brand if possible) and try again without switches, Setup your router with the PPPOE (input User ID and PAssword), make the IP addresses permanent on the PC's over the Network(refer to the Router IP range and set up a router as a DHCP), use the router as Gateway&DNS server, call your ISP & ask if there's some kind of Session Restriction, Try with the swithces if everything OK.

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by razz2 In reply to ADSL Internet connection ...

I would be interested to know the following:

When the connection drops can you still access the router admin
pages? If so, try the routers diagnostics for ping and trace route
to see if the internet (WAN) is really down or that the PC's are
somehow affecting LAN traffic.

When the internet drops can you do any connection between the
2 PC's?

Have you tried a second router to eliminate it as an issue?


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by manuel_minut In reply to ADSL Internet connection ...

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