ADSL Modem and wireless router problem

By markden ·
Hello all.
My Mother Inlaw has a Netcomm NB5 ADSL Modem Router, a separate ELEMENTS wireless router ( bought form Aldi Supermarket), PC1 using a standard ethernet lan card, PC2 usind a DLINK wireless card. All PC's have XP.

To access setup for the 2 devices I go to
ADSL Modem
Wirless router

I have the ADSL modem and PC1 plugged into the LAN ports on the Wirelss router. (please note I have them bothe plugged into the LAN ports and not The WAN port to make things easier)
I have disabled the DHCP in the wireless router and left the DHCP enabled in the ADSl modem.
The ADSL modem has 2 LAN clients listed
1) PC1 with IP Adress
2) PC2 with IP Adress
So the ADSL modem can see both PC's and PC1 can actively connect to the internet.
PC2 say it is connected to the wireless router. If I look at "network Connections" in PC2 the Wireless connection has an IP adress of something like 155. 254.2.170 Private Network Adress. ( To be honest I cant remember its exact IP adress except to say it is defintely a different SUBNET to the IP adress's listed as LAN clients in the ADSL modem.

I have looked in the wireless router to find a place to set Ip adress for the wirelss section to no avail.

I found it very strange that the wireless router has PC2 listed as a client but PC2 cant access the internet

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Re: ADSL Modem and wireless router problem

Have you tried this:
Plug the two routers together and make sure they are both "DHCP" enabled. I have these types of routers but where i am the exchange does not support "ADSL" so i do not know if this will work, the other alternative will be to just link the two computers to the one router by cable, that way both computers have a share of the network line. Or get a switch box where you can connect upto say 250 computers (or more) I:E, Hope this helps you.

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