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By Jake Bartlett ·
At my home, I have a DLINK dsl-504 adsl router. The router has 4 ports, and there are 3 computers connected to it. When i go to configure its settings, i find extremely irritating that i can only forward/open a port to one ip address at a time. Therefore, i can only have internet access with certain programs on one of the 3 computers at a time.

Is there any way to get around this at all? Please help me!

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I only found the DLink dsl-502G ADSL combo router on the Dlink site so.....couldn't check their pdf manual. But, I think that the key word in your question is "certain programs". Yes if you use a static IP scheme you can, "technically", only foward requests to one particular computer. If you have a DMZ port on the router, then you can actually have 2 computers as the router will, in essence, open up all ports on the DMZ port. But then that computer is completely open publically and without firewall protection that the router gives.

you CAN disable firewall protection on a router [effectively opening up all computers to be publically available on all ports] and then use firewall protection on each individual computer.
but the basics of the router is to route packets to particular destinations on the LAN.

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by Jake Bartlett In reply to

Ok, thankyou for your help, I do have Norton systemworks and internet security 2004 on each of the computers, but still, it would have been better if you could have told me how to enable this "DMZ port". I can probably find out myself. Thankyou again.

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by Jake Bartlett In reply to ADSL MODEM PORT FORWARDIN ...

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by Jake Bartlett In reply to ADSL MODEM PORT FORWARDIN ...

Right! thankyou very much for you answer. I tried what you said in you answer, easy as. If anyone wants to know how to enable/open any port to multiple computers on one router, then email me or something!

p.s I wont help you unless you have a software firewall of some kind because i wouldn't want to be responsible for your computer being compromised.

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