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ADSL modem router

By chakiri_houda ·
Hi all,
i need to connect two LANs far from each other via the internet. i thought of having an ADSL modem on one side connected to a router and on the other side an ADSL modem connected to a switch which connects some PCs some Printers and a server. do i need a router in this LAN too? and if yes does an ADSL connection from both sides suffice to have a good connection between the two LANs ? i need also to get more information about sp?cifications of the routers that we need to use .. can you please help me figure out these problems
Thanks a lot

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by TheChas In reply to ADSL modem router

First, check with your ISP to see if you are even allowed to use your ADSL connection in the manner described.

Usually, you are not allowed to upload large amounts of data on an ADSL connection.

Next, verify the upload speed at each location.
You may be surprised to find out just how slow uploads are on ADSL lines.

Since ADSL connections provide only a single IP address, you will need a router at each location.

The primary question is how many uses?
And, how much data will be transfered between locations?

The next question is how much security do you need?
Not only do you need to keep hackers out, you may need to protect the data.

With a limited number of users at each location (under 25), take a look at equipment from Linksys, or Netgear.


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by CG IT In reply to ADSL modem router

I'll add to TheChas's suggestions [which upload is a big problem with consumer level DSL service. You upload a lot and they will either cut you off or charge you an amount for excess bandwidth usage[and the charges aren't cheap].

If you want to connect 2 remote sites using the internet in a secure manner you can use endpoint routers. The routers establish and maintain the VPN link and tunnel with each other so clients dont have to AND the tunnel stays intact after a client session is finished.

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by Oz_Media In reply to ADSL modem router

Along the same lines as far as ADSL service goes, not only is residential DSL service capped but it is also unreliable.

I have a similar LAN setup with two clients but they are using a business, managed service. The bandwidth is guaranteed to be consistent and if one route is down, they piggy back on one of three remaining routes. They always have a line even when the telco is down this way.

In Vancouver, the residential and entry level business DSL is on a static Ip system, business is on a DHCP server but again is managed and secured by the ISP.
Cost difference, in my area, Residential DSL=$34.99 CDA, Entry level business (Bronze 1.5 megs) $99.00 for 1GIG, (Silver 3 megs) $199.00 10 Gigs, (Gold 5 megs) $279.99 20 GIGS.

It is cheaper than PRI, T-1 or Fibre but still expensive as it is secured, three-way routed and managed.

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by pgm554 In reply to ADSL modem router

If you want to use DSL to connect sites together(reliably) ,check out Novell Branch manager.

Watch out for spaces.

In any case ,with more than one pc, you should use a router.

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by Armour In reply to ADSL modem router

First I would look and find a decent provider personally I find local independent providers easier to work with. I would be looking to get a static IP and what levels and price they offer for amount of data. As being a new set-up and unsure of amount you need (This is where most independent are nicer to work with ) they should be able to track your usage and get you set up with the proper plan level after a few months. Because of this unknown bandwidth issues don?t get caught in a contract position that could end up being costly by either not using the transfer amounts you sign for or going over it constantly by not having enough.

Next look at getting a router witch will suit your needs and size of the origination. I can only speak of Linksys as that?s what I use most often, but they have a router with built in VPN witch will help with ease and cost for a particularly small business. They come in 4 blue box style Broadband gateway style to 4,8 or 16 port business style router that will allow you to have 2 internet connection in to the router for reliability and will load balance if you use 2 connections. You can go with any type of router really and then use software based VPN. I have set up originations both ways and find the Linksys route more easier to maintain and less problems as there is no software for users to mess with.

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by wlbowers In reply to ADSL modem router

Most DSL connections have an upload speed of 280k to 380k.

So that is going to be your maximum connection speed.

Reguardless of connection it can't come down faster than it goes up.

Cisco 1600 or 1700 series.


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