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    ADSL Problem


    by santi24 ·

    Can somebody help me with my problem on setting up my linksys router. Let me start from the start.
    I have ADSL internet connection. when I want to connect to internet I must go to webportal of my ISP then I will input my user name and password. the problem is I want to share this internet connection using my Linksys BEFSR41 Router to my network. but my router only have a 6 type of Internet Connection (Static, PPPoE, RAS, PPTP, Heartbeat Signal and L2TP) I already tried PPoE but it doesnt work because of the Portal which will appear when im going to internet. What should I use on that Internet connection type. and can you teach me how to configure it. Thanks

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      by prabu_ram ·

      In reply to ADSL Problem

      when I want to connect to internet I must go to webportal of my ISP then I will input my user name and password……. That means you are accessing the internet through Dail-up, you will change the router configuration as an IP based, Select the PPOE and give the username, password then goto the next step and fix one IP for your Router. you should give the Router IP as a Gateway of your System…like that you can increase the numbaer of system with the same IP network. [(or) you select the Static and fix one IP then do the same thing of the above.].

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      Reply To: ADSL Problem

      by aashirwad_aashirwad ·

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      Simply..your pc/Router has a one IP,Gateway and DNS. Ok..

      Next in your Second pc which is connect with the pc which is used for Internet..

      — Pc which is used Internet Connection —
      -You must have Two Lan Card in your PC..
      -If you use Microsoft Windows – go to
      Network Connection.
      – Select Advance Option
      – Select Internet Sharing.. option
      – When you select Internet Sharing option
      – It just give a IP address to another pc
      like.. and as Gateway use the internet pc IP. And DNS is also used the internet PC DNS.

      — Now Goto Second Pc which you u want to install internet..
      -Goto Network Connection
      -Give the Ip for exp.
      give the Gateway as
      -give the DNS as Internet pc DNS

      –Follow same procedure in all the pc.
      – You must Use “Internet Sharing” option in Advance menu in Network connection.

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