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    Adsl with netgearRouter help


    by shanep ·

    Good day ppl…….I have a PC that refuses to connect to the internet via a netgear router. I have tested the pc and settings at my work place and it connects with ease, take it to another premises with ADSL and try and connect via a netgear router, NO connection. I have changed the router, tested the line, changed cables and reset the password and I still dont have connectivity. I can ping the router and logon to it as well. Can anyone assist?

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      by shanep ·

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      check two things.

      by alashhar ·

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      in the last line you said that you can ping the router, it means that the connection between your pc and the router is good, but please check the following points:

      (1) sometimes the ADSL router is responsible to send the TCP\IP configuration by DHCP service. Anyway your IP and subnet mask is working fine because you are able to ping the router. please check the gateway address, which should be has the IP address of the router.

      (2)check if the router success to dial the ISP, so please make sure to the username and password.

      i hope that my answer is useful

      best regards

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      With what you say in the question here it appears that

      by oh smeg ·

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      You can access tot he Setup Interface of the Router but that the Router isn’t making a connection with your ISP. You need to enter the Routers Setup Procedure and insert your ISP Supplied User Name & Password and any other settings that your ISP says that you need to connect to their service,

      The main ones that need altering generally are the PPPoE which may need changing to a different protocol and the VPI and VCI settings. You need to get the ones required by your ISP to allow a connection and set them in the Routers Setup.

      After you make the required changes you then need to save the settings and reboot the Router. When you finish this you will see a solid Link or ADSL LED on the front panel of the ADSL Router telling you that you have a connection to the ISP that allows the ADSL to work. You also need to insert the ADSL Filters on any Telephone line correctly. So if you have the one lint in you need to fit a filter between the Phone Line and the ADSL Modem and Phone. This looks something like a splitter for a phone line. If you have more than 1 extension on that Phone Line you need a ADSL Filter on every extension.


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