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Advanced Excel Help ..."I'm Stumped"

By k_kogan38 ·
I need a formula to find all the same acct numbers from one column and their matching data in the adjacent coliumn, them Sum and populate a different worksheet. i.e.,

Col A Col B
2545 $25.00
2658 $65.00
2545 $25.00
2165 $13.00
Result for #2545 would be $50.00

Anyone who could help would save me a TON of work!!!

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by wordworker In reply to Advanced Excel Help ..."I ...

What you need is Sumif.
Here's the formula for your example.


First argument: Range of cells
Second argument: criteria. In this case I hard-coded the 2545 as a value in the function. You could also refer to the value with a cell reference or range name.
Third argument: sum_range - which basically means, the column in which the values reside

Hope this helps!

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Thsnkd fasthands will add to my bag

by JimHM In reply to SumIf

Thanks fasthands will add this to my bag of knownledge - always something good out here..

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Another Way

by ducky In reply to SumIf

Try Clicking on cell A1. Go to the tool bar and click on Data/Filter/Auto Filter. All the columns on your sheet now have a drop down list. Here you can select and veiw all data for the item you want to filter

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not quite

by wordworker In reply to Another Way

That's a way to VIEW the records, but she wanted to subtotal, so your solution doesn't quite get it. Another way would be to sort the entire list bythe text entry, then use Data | Subtotals to group and subtotal the values by each change in the text column. My assumption was she wanted to pull a particular subtotal out on demand, not rearrange the entire list, though.

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