Advanced network setup DHCP Statics / with switch & router

By pur3vil ·
Lets start with equipment, I've got a cable modem, I've got a switch and a netgear router.

I have a dedicated gaming server ( block of 5 statics ) . and a netowrk that has to connect DHCP as well.

From what Ive been reading, I can't attach the switch to the modem and the devices to it, which could be the reason my server keeps dropping it's statics I am not sure.

I've got the server attached to the switch pullintg it's info statically, and then I have my netgear attached to the switch pulling it's DHCP address that feeds the remainder of my house. Either I'm doing something wrong or I don't understand how to do it. Becuase the server connections dies constantly. I don't mind running everythign THRU the server but I need to know or need some help doing it. My server does have three nics installed all are functioning.

I'm assuming this setup is what's causing my server to drop it's connection constatnly. How should I go about setting this up?

The server is running Win Server `03

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