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Advanced PIX 525 architecture discussion..

By nutdhanai ·
Here is what i have in my inventory

2950-48 x 6
3550-24EMI x 4
PIX525UR 2+8FEports x 2

The core im trying to build is


(please ignore the ____ lines)
I want to be able to run the PIX525 Active/Active (maybe in transparent mode or router mode) and with my 2950 connected to the 3550s serving my servers and clients.

My questions/up for discussion are;

1) As i have 8FE ports i plan to use 2FE for Inside and 2FE for outside and 2FE for DMZ Will PIX525s' support aggregate port or etherchannel between 3550s'? if not is there a way to increase bandwidth for each zone? without changing the cards to GE.

2)With the hardware i have, can i configure this core in fullmesh/active/active architecture? or just Ushape/active/active? or fullmesh/active/standby?

Any limitations? interms of NAT mode, transparent mode, etc.

3)Will there be STP issues with fullmesh/active/active configuration?

4)Are there any features on the 3550 EMI that maybe useful to do basic load balance or any performance enhancment?

im not sure if im making any sense, maybe ive been offhands for too long. Anyhow thanks in advance.

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