Advanced Validation for Registration Form

By brittanyjane99 ·

I am new to this forum, and new to web design. I am currently working on getting my first site up and running, so I apologize if my queries seem basic. I truly do appreciate any input you can provide!

I am using PageBreeze to create my webpages, and have began to create the registration page for my site using Coffee Cup Form Generator. I designed the form, love the way it looks, and got it all set up to communicate with my MySql database. Unfortunately, after running some tests, I realized that this Coffee Cup software does not provide advanced verification of any form fields (checking the MySql database to see if the users e-mail address, login, etc. have already been submitted previously).

I would really love to use my Coffee Cup form, but I am clueless about how to write the PHP code to make the form check MySql after submission for these validations. I have searched online, but have only found vague examples (at least vague to me!) and I don't know where to insert the script into the Coffee Cup PHP page. If anyone could advise on this type of coding, that would be great!

I would also love to get any recommendations for other WYSIWYG form generators (because I'm a novice). I've seen many advertised in my searches, but don't want to pay for the service without some suggestions.

Thank you in advance for your time and advice!

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No easy way, but not too difficult

by diptanshu In reply to Advanced Validation for R ...


PageBreeze? Nice start... the first choice is usually Frontpage. Anyway, these are all WYSIWYG tools, so you can only design and code the form. In order to check if the entry is already on the server, you'll have to write a script to search the database before saving the information.

See this:

It will not match with your specific requirement because your fields will be different, but the logic is the same.

First, validate the form to check for required fields.
Second, search the database for user data.
Third, save data if not present already, or return to first form with error message.

There's no easy way... You could get a programmer to do it for you; it'll be easy for him/her. :-)

Best of luck.

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wysiwyg editor

by ahamedjais In reply to No easy way, but not too ...

I think you can go for FCK editor
an open source for wysiwyg editor

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editor is not validator

by diptanshu In reply to wysiwyg editor

Please read the question properly.

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