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Advantages/ Disadvantages of Citrix

By isabelle_irani ·
There has been more and more press around Citrix. What are the benefits of using a Citrix-based remote access versus a pure net-based approach? Also how difficult is it to deliver a pure net-based approach versus Citrix? How scalable is a productusing Citrix? Finally, many browser-based ASPs claim that they are using a pure-net based approach as a opposed to Citrix remote access - is there really a competitive advantage? Thank you!

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Advantages/ Disadvantages of Citrix

by budnelson In reply to Advantages/ Disadvantages ...

Citrix can considerably reduce WAN traffic by providing the server app at a remote location. You can use thinner clients and fewer round trips between the client and server over the WAN , the Citrix box is the server. It is one of the most effectiveways to reduce bandwidth usage.
The disadvantages are : $$$$$ , there is a limit to the number of remote users you can support per Citrix server. Deployment can be time consuming. Many CIO's feel once it is deployed , it becomes an excuse for developers to not produce efficient code.

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Advantages/ Disadvantages of Citrix

by isabelle_irani In reply to Advantages/ Disadvantages ...

Thank you - could you explain the benefits of a purely-web based approach. How difficult is this approach? Many ASPs are claiming that they are a pure web-based approach and claiming this as a competitive advantage. So I am trying to assess the difficulty in producing efficient code (i.e. how long does it take and what expertise is needed) Thanks again!

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