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advantages of using the internet.

By wei_din0206 ·
what is the advantages of using internet beside doing our work on the net?what is the main reason of using internet actually and can u provide some example for this.thanx.!

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by Oz_Media In reply to advantages of using the i ...

There aren't any specific advantages. Everone uses the Internet for different reasons.

Myself, it is a MASSIVE resource for problem solving in many areas, computers, cars etc.

IN another sense it is a good place for correspondence and online email access when away from the network.

Some use it for gambling, some for gaming, some for online applications, some for e-biz, some for...

ON this site, I would venture to guess that most find it a resource as well as a way to serve applications from a network and for collaboration.

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by OTL In reply to advantages of using the i ...

Answer 1 is great and I would like to add;

Ability to meet people from all over the world and all walks of life, through instant messaging.

Keep in touch with relatives you have not seen in years.

Obtain information without spending hours obtaining and reading books or calling to find the much needed and hard to find part.

List is extremely long, bottom line is what does the individual want from the connection and do they obtain it ?

Connection requirement is up to the individual (I am still on dial-up), other people in my office require 256K and above connections due to the amount of traffic they put accross the circuit.

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by ahmed42005 In reply to advantages of using the i ...

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