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Advertiser/sponsor vetting

By JimTellier ·
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I'm curious about what, if any, vetting process is done by TR staff prior to accepting sponsorship and/or posting advertising content on the TR site. I've seen, for example, advertising by "Voltex" on this (and other) site(s) for quite some time, but today I decided to do a "deep dive" into their legitimacy, and lo-and-behold: it's overwhelmingly found to be a complete scam. I've seen comments like "why aren't these people in jail?" in multiple reviews. My question to TR is: "Why are these people allowed to advertise on this site?". For the most part, I think technical people tend to Trust what they read on TR, or at least recognize the legitimacy of differing opinions presented here. But it seems completely INCONGROUS to see blatant misinformation being propagated via such a venue. I, for one, would like to see such nonsense rejected.
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I don't know about the advertising system here.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Advertiser/sponsor vettin ...

But elsewhere the advertising was not directly controlled by the forum owner.

Bear with me here. The advertising space was sold to another company that would have ads in rotation to show in the site. If there was an issue you would use the Site's Help and Feedback to complain. I can tell you that adverts that were scams were removed from the rotation using this system over there. Again, I don't know the system used here.

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