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Advice for a Beginning Web Developer

By ksmith ·
I have had a small connection to Web design for a while now, but this past semester was my first actual class in it. As it turned out I knew more than my teacher, despite it being a tech school.
Everything I know I have taught myself and I am currently teaching myself php and sql.

I am experienced writing out the code behind the wysiwyg design look. I am also semi-experienced with the dreamweaver creative suite. I have liked the outcome of the things I have worked on in the suite, but I know there is a lot more available that I haven't been able to touch upon yet.

What some of the better/best deals available as far as webspace, domains go?

How do metatags work? I know they are used to get your site listed in search engines, but how is this process set up.

I am a beginner, but would really like to get something started as I am in a few businesses. I am of course going to research this on my own as well, I just wanted to get some real life advice from experienced professionals as well. Thank You.

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