Advice/help needed with routing between subnets

By kbreiner ·
I have 2 subnets: and I'd like to join the subnets. The .20 network already has a router with an interface that will accept traffic bound for this network. The .1 network has a Cisco PIX 506e, which has a single inside and single outside interface. I tried adding a static route on the inside interface to the .20 network, but it didn't work. I suspect I need either a) a router with a 3rd interface or b) create sub-interfaces on the PIX. As I am not too familiar with creating the sub-interfaces, I was thinking of a 3rd option: create static routes on the 2 windows PC's that will be accessing the .20 network. It is only these PC's that will access the .20 network, so maybe this is the easiest/cheapest option? Thanx for any help..

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Static routes on both sides should work

by robo_dev In reply to Advice/help needed with r ...

I'm not sure subinterfaces is a good idea on a pix anyway.

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Thanx, robo_dev

by kbreiner In reply to Static routes on both sid ...

That's what I figured. It looks like I'd also have to create a VLAN on my switch along with a sub-if on the pix, which I could do, but it seems to complicate things.

Is the Windows command line switch '-p' enough to make the route persistent, or should I make a login script just to be sure?

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