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Advice Needed: Getting Started With Certifications

By JamesBrown ·
I have been working IT for about a year and I want to take things to the next step and get one or more certifications. The bulk of my experience and interest are in maintaining and administering a Windows Server 2003 network. I'm thinking about getting my MCSA. Could anyone share their thoughts as to whether this certification is worth it? Would this be enough or am I better off to get my MCSE. How do you view these certifications? Also, I could use some advice on what are the best way(s) to prepare for the tests. I really don't want to throw a bunch of money away if I don't have to. Most of my knowledge is self-taught through daily experience so I know I need to learn more of the "Microsoft Way."

Last thing: Anyone who has taken the CCNA; is this very difficult to get and would it really benefit me to get this as well for broader experience? Please share your thoughts on whether you think other certifications would be smarter.

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Skills not certifications

by Oresky In reply to Advice Needed: Getting St ...

I have a CCNA and if you can get it, it will show a basic level of skill with cisco routers and switches. You probably understand subnetting, binary and hex alot more thoroughly once you have the CCNA.

Certifications are worthwhile if they are closely aligned with your career objectives AND match your experience level. No one wants to hire a CCNA who has no experience working on routers outside of a lab. No one wants an MCSE who has never set up a production server.

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How do you get experience?

by pbell5 In reply to Skills not certifications

How does one get experience relevant to the certifications
such as CCNA?

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same here

by adrix7 In reply to How do you get experience ...
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Which cert should I pursue?

by Clamchowder In reply to Advice Needed: Getting St ...

I have 3 years of desktop support experience and limited server support. I'm thinking about getting some certs to show potential employers that hey this is what I've studied and know. Question is, which one should I pursue, MCSE or Comptia? Are both pretty much similiar in their criteria level? Do these 2 companies required you to know the materials like it's the first nature? Also, which book is best to prepare for an exam? I cannot afford classes or boot camps.

Thanks in advace.

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Comptia is broader based

by Jessie In reply to Which cert should I pursu ...

And did you know you can actually get student loans for certs? I had no idea until a few months ago and am now going $16,000 further in debt getting ALL the certs... Net+, MCP, Security+, MCSE, CCNA, CCNE, CEH (have to sign a waiver for that one that says I won't use my powers for evil) and CISSP.

I'm finding that good old-fashioned flash cards on 3x5 cards is the best study tool I've got. There are a LOT of different books and models. One isn't that much different from the other really... it's more the effort you put into it.

Also, I found this site the other day that seems to be pretty well alligned with the goals of the Net+ test.

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List of best IT Cetifications

by certifications4you In reply to Advice Needed: Getting St ...

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