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By gsn303 ·
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Good afternoon all,

I am very new to the world of social media, due to the fact I am a mature user of 47. I am looking for a program to download onto my desktop that will enable me to link my social media accounts and to allow me to write one blog and post it to several blog accounts.

I have done a little research already and most of the programs out there seem to be monthly subscriptions. Call me old fashioned but I would like a program that I can buy, load onto my computer and then use with out having to fork out every month.

Does such a thing exist?

Many thanks.

PS please bear with me because I am likely to ask some really dumb questions.

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Maybe something like Windows Live Writer?

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Advice on a social networ ...

I have no experience with it, but remember reading about it a number of years back. It was supposed to be fairly easy to use to post to your blogs.

ps...did a little searching, Windows Live Writer is still available, but hasn't been updated since 2012 or so, and Microsoft has released it as open source. The "new" one is called Open Live Writer, available at , so maybe that would be something you are looking for.

pps...If 47 is "mature", what does that mean I am, hehe! Anyway, I'm not too thrilled with the subscription based models of software either.

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by gsn303 In reply to Maybe something like Wind ...

thanks for that I will have a look at it, and see how it works

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Social media post

by kyle.connor211 In reply to Advice on a social networ ...

Hello. Do you mean you want to share your social media updates to multiple social accounts?
You should try HootSuite where you can connect multiple social media accounts and customize your posts and schedule them whenever you want to post them.

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Great Answer Based on Real World Experience

by ryanjonesseo In reply to Advice on a social networ ...

I complete all social media marketing tasks for the company I work for ( and I post to both Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis.

I use the Buffer app ( as it is a great app that is easy to use allowing you to post to all of your social media accounts quickly and easily with one simple post.

I hope this helps.

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