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    Advice on adding a wiki page to existing website


    by greavette ·

    Our company has a simple website with 6 pages on it. One of the pages is only for prices for the work we provide. The owners would like to update these prices at various times and they are finding it difficult to download the .html page, make the changes and upload it again so they’ve asked me to help with a way to make it easier. I’ve given written instructions on how to download and update the page but they would like to make it easier if possible.

    I’m wondering if we could add a wiki page to our site just for this one page, then the owners could login to the wiki page, quickly make their updates and save their changes. I realize we would need to protect the page so only the owners could login…would this be enough security for us?

    Do you think this would work?

    If it would work, how would we implement it…do we add the wiki to our existing website, or do we create the wiki site outside of our website and change the link to the page to the wiki site?

    What should I be concerned with if we implement it?

    I have no experience with setting up a wiki (but will learn very quickly how to do it ) which is why I’m asking so many questions.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

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