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By Omerin ·
Hey guys!
want to make a mobile tool that receives input from an arduino sensor via Bluetooth and generates a sound accordingly.
Nothing complicated, just a simple pressure sensor to be responded by a short sound, but the response time must be very fast to none (is it far fetched on a budget?)
I have limited coding skills and zero app building skills so I thought of using an open source app builder of some sort.
Any recommendations on the tools to use and overall advice would be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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Bad idea. Here's why.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Advice on app builders an ...

Let's read and see that the lag/delay is variable plus far from zero.

Now that you said Bluetooth this also means it's at most 33 feet so this means we can have a much simpler solution.

Which is: Put a speaker on the Arduino. It looks to be well done as I read this tutorial ->

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