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By stugra65 ·
A colleague wants me to build a computer for him to help him with some difficulties. he doesn't have the knowledge or time for all the security he needs on the net and is on it all the time as part of his job and it keeps going wrong on him.
He is running XP pro.
i am tired of troubleshooting him and he is losing time.

I want to put the onus on him by:
formatting his drive, and partitioning it, one for OS, one for programs, one for data, with plenty of room left on each for the temp files to run around.
buy Norton Systemworks and schedule the check up for once a week
installing a second hard drive in his computer, placing another OS, perhaps Win 98 and some ghost software on it. Then teach him how to ghost each of the partitions. If he gets problems which are going to cost us both more time than it's worth, he can simply reboot into win98, ghost the OS back on and get going again within an hour.
He is not connected to a network or server, its a standalone computer.

I'm sure this is common practice, seems sensible to me but I'm only a trainee MCSE so far.
Anyone got any experience of all this and encountered problems? Or have any better ideas?
Also would like some advice on what components to use which work together well to make a decent spec computer but not too pricey, around 250/350 pounds for the bits minus screen.
I presume he'll need to re-ghost the OS partition and progs partition every time every time he installs new progs or does anything that will change the Registry?

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by statykserver In reply to advice on building specia ...

Ghost is a nice old program and gets the job done. If you were to use ghost I would do the following. Two hard drives, one for data and one for the os. The data drive will also hold the ghost image. Do a fresh install on the os drive with all the drivers and updates. Now ghost this image on the data drive. If you wanted to you could also install all the programs he has to use and either ghost a new image or use it as your main image. So the data will always be there and if the os gets messed up you can always restore the original image and still have all the data.

Interested in something a little easier then check out this program. You will have to purchase it but I think it would be worth it, you decide.

Good Luck

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by Choppit In reply to advice on building specia ...

Adding to the answer from statykserver above, but I'd also recommend splitting your image file into CD or DVD sized chunks. That way you have the option to keep multiple versions on disk without filling your data drive with images that (hopefully) will never be needed.

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