Advice on consolidating our servers please?

By andy.moore ·

I am looking to consolidate 6 servers in to one at work.

The spec of each current server isn't too high and is as follows,

1 Ghz AMD Duron CPU
512Mb Ram
Windows 2000 Pro SP4


1.67 Ghz AMD Athlon CPU
1 gig Ram
162 Gig HD
XP Pro SP2


450 mhz Pentium 3 CPU
256 Mb Ram
18 Gig HD
Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP4


Dual 933 Mhz Pentium 3 CPU
1 Gig Ram
145 Gig HD
Windows 2000 server, small business server SP4
(this is the PDC)


2.8 Ghz Intel Xeon CPU
1 Gig Ram
72 Gig HD
Windows 2000 Server SP4


633 Mhz Intel Celeron
256 Mb Ram
20 Gig HD
Windows XP Pro Sp2

I want to run all of the above as virtual servers from one main server. Can anyone advise on the spec that would be required for the above as virtual servers?

What's the best OS to use on the main server that will house the virtual servers?

Any specific brands or model to recommend for the consolidated server?

Any other advice or related information?


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what do they run?

by CG IT In reply to Advice on consolidating o ...

The hardware is one thing but what each server does really determines what you need hardware wise. If one of those servers is a terminal server or SQL server, then to run it as a virtual server your going to need some heavy duty horsepower dual processors, scads of memory, SCSI just to run them, let alone what the other server roles are.

Then one has to think of security. Is one a web server that for security reasons shouldn't be on the network to begin with?

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Well firstly as the previous posted has said

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Advice on consolidating o ...

It all depends on what they are actually doing as to what you can consolidate.

Secondly as you have some running XP Pro these are not servers in the true sense of the work but workstations sharing something.

You can setup one server application and use it to share several different things but to use 1 machine to run all of the above as Virtual Servers I don't think that's its possible as you tend to run one VM at a time not 6 off one piece of hardware. Even if you could you would need to be looking at some serious High End Hardware just to run these different machines at the same time.

Probably a Quad CPU, Quad Core Xeon just might be powerful enough to do it with bags of RAM but I'm not sure what OS you could use to have all the different servers running at the same time you would be better off Consolidating these 6 machines into 1 if there are no external connections and running something like Windows 2003 ES or SBS depending on the workload that this machine is going to need to run and how many machines that it's going to be feeding will be the main reason for choosing one or the other version of 2003.

However I agree with the previous poster that if one is a Web Server or has ISA on it this shouldn't be connected to the main LAN directly as they need to be isolated for security.

This article may be of some use to you on Consolidating Servers but I don't know of anything that covers running several VM's off the one machine.


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