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Advice on Contact Mgmt Pgm-Large Scale F

By tomapot ·
I have a client who owns a Used Truck Dealership. He is expanding to approx 15 users on Act 2000 for calling, faxing and e-mailing potential customers. He wants to send out 500-1000 faxes a night and eventually include e-mails as well. The ACT database will be grouped by different client types, ie Truck Types, to taget specific audiences.
Does ACT handle 10s of thousands of contacts? Can it fax by groups? What are other Contact Management options?
Also, what are the requirements across a NT network for the modems? Should we use multiple modems or a fax server boards? Thanks in advance, Tom

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Robust use of ACT!2000

by mstevens In reply to Advice on Contact Mgmt Pg ...

ACT!2000 is a FLAT-FILE database. ACT!2000 works best if used on a system of less than 20 users and less than 20,000 records. ACT! can not 'create' its FAX images as fast as a FAX programs can send them; therefore, utilizing a delay in launching the FAX program is a must. Depending on your FAX image density, you may get as few as 50-200 faxes per outbound line.

Yes, it can FAX by groups (manually selected before the merging process is started.)
Recommend FAX Server board(s) and a robust network Faxing program like "RightFax" (used in conjunction with WinFAxPro on the local machine).

ACT! is a great program....but keep it in its size box....otherwise performance will suffer.

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