Advice on How To Develop A Customer Service/Support Policy

By craigvarney ·
I have been tasked with the responsibility of creating a customer service/support policy for our IT department. My manager would like it to consist of the areas we support (hardware/software), the expected turnaround time our customers should receive (based upon type of issue), and what is supported after-hours. He wants our customers to know the level of suport they will be receiving from our team. Basically it will be similar to a service level agreement between our IT department and the different labs we support.

Has anyone gone through this process before? Can you advise some good resources to help me get started with this task?

I appreciate any assistance you can provide me.


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Look under the Careers tab

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Advice on How To Develop ...

... there are heaps of useful threads all up and down there.

Here's a start:


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Service Catalogue

by sfessey In reply to Advice on How To Develop ...

List all the services your department supports or provides - at this stage keep it to actual services that your clients need to perform during their work.

For example:

Word processing

then when you have this list consider all the things that you as a department need to provide to make these things happen.

Take 'Mail' for example:

MS Outlook
MS Exchange
Internet connection

Then decide what support you reasonably provide to keep these components operational- Consider how likely they are to fail, time to fix on failure, SERVICES affeced and level of impact, any 3rd party involvement (ie ISP)

This looks simplistic but once you get going it will mushroom into a very comprehensive document and you will probably find that you will need to cut it back but it will enable you to get a good feel for what you can offer in terms of support.

good luck

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Try something.....maybe a Live Chat software

by MindGenies In reply to Advice on How To Develop ...

Hi why don't you try something very interactive with your customers like a Live Chat support on your website.Generally for a company like yours , one can offer either the phone support(Call Centers) or the online support(Live Chat).The later is a far better option in terms of initial investment and turnaround time.call centers on the other hand are an expensive affair but have certain advantages which can not be neglected.The recent rise in the average time spent on the internet is making Live Chat a very strong ingredient of your "Customer Support Mix".Adding to the fact is the advantages of features like visitor monitoring, escorted browsing, lead generation etc.
Hope you get some benefit out of views.
Nitya Nagaich
Manger,Business Development

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