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Advice on Inspiron 7000

By connectknee ·

I have a Dell Inspiron 7000 running Win 98se with 320mb of ram and a 400mhz Celeron processor. I do not have a cd burner. I have a dvd rom. What advice can you give me for upgrading to a different OS? The system runs fine, but on start up, it will remain on the splash screen for more than 2 minutes. I would like to make the boot up faster than this.

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by JamesRL In reply to Advice on Inspiron 7000

Though XP may spend less time on the splash screen, it doesn't really boot any faster. You will notice as you get to the desktop that its still slow and things are loading into the system tray for some time.

I would suggest if you want to ensure it boots faster, eliminate unused or unneeded startup items, dlls, registery settings etc. You might also ensure you have no viruses. You could also try defragging the drive, or in a last desparate act, format and reinstall of the OS. then applications.


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by connectknee In reply to

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by seansmith In reply to Advice on Inspiron 7000

Upgrading to windows XP Pro my help your start up.
Before updateing add more memory 512 should be good.

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by connectknee In reply to

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Advice on Inspiron 7000

does it boot up fast in Safe mode?
checkt the Dell website for drivers for the os you are considering. especially touchpad, video, IR etc if this is a laptop.
on this old hardwware, i'd stick with 98 and fix it. if this is a laptop and i can't get all the drivers from dell for it for the new os, i wouldn't even bother trying to upgrade it. plus goodness knows how many of your apps will need an upgrade to be compatible. cd burner software and antivirus for sure...
if you press esc or tab while hanging on the splash screen, does it show you what it is doing that is taking so long?
do you hear disk thrashing (sign of fragmentation)
how does it work after it finally boots up? (what other symptoms may exist?)

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

how are you on free hd space?

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by connectknee In reply to Advice on Inspiron 7000

To Sgt_Shultz

I can get into safe mode and I defraged the hard drive from there. I have 3.78mb of free space. When I am at the splash screen and press esc, the pci audio utilities is loading. I think your right. I will not upgrade. I'll try to fix this.

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by cc_leo In reply to Advice on Inspiron 7000

Your available free space is too low. Windows 98 required at least 200MB free space in order to run smoothly. Try clean up the temporary file using the disk cleanup wizard. Also uninstall & delete the unwanted programs & files.

Cleanup & defrag your registry with Tuneup Utilities 2004

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