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Advice on Network for Charity

By nmayling ·
Ok then
I'm about to imbark on the install of a small network comprising as follows
12 X PC's for training
2 X office PC's
5 X PC's for Teen access.
This is for a local charity that wants to provide community training in the like of word andthe internet.
I've got 20 IBM desktops , 20 HP Laserjet 4's , 2 X IBM Servers(330's)plus an External DLT - these were donated free

The office PC's should not be accessable from the others and they all require shared DSL access.

any advice ? thanks on advance

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Advice on Network for Charity

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Advice on Network for Cha ...

Simplest way is to set up using cat5e ethernet cabling. Use a good multiport DSL router for your DSL connection, one that has Network Address Translation, DNS server and atleast 4 ethernet ports. Get atleast 2 switches (preferably 3 to have one per subnet). Each switch links direct into the DSL router via its Uplink connection to a ethernet port on the DSL router. Each switch then links to all the PCs in one of the subnets.

Set up the Office, the training and the Teen access as three seperatsub-nets. Some DSL routers have preferred local area net address ranges, if so use it. Set up each PC for its subnet and set up the router to allow each subnet access to the Internet but nor access to the other subnets.

Suggested sub net structure.

Office mask
Training mask
Teen Access mask
with the router as the default gateway.

could substitute 192.168 for the 10.0 in each case as an alternative subnetwork if you wish.

If you want further details than that you should e-mail me or send a contract (I work very cheap for community groups).

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