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Advice on Virus and Hacker Protection for the network

By Tink! ·
[Kind of a long explanation of setup...the actual discussion questions are at the bottom of the post for those of you in a hurry]

Currently we have 5 client licenses for our Virus protection which I have installed on 5 client computers. All 5 computers also log in to the network server, which currently has no virus protection installed.

Note about the server: the server is not used to access the internet except by the fact that the DSL router connects to 1 of the 2 NICs. The other NIC is then connected to the hub. No one uses the server to go online. Currently the server does not download and distribute the emails. Microsoft Exchange is only handling inter-office emails. External emails are being downloaded directly by the client PC's.

I know this is not the typical setup for a business. But it was the quickest and easiest for what we needed. Our CEO does travel, but does not log in to the server remotely. He simply takes his laptop with him. As for emails he gets them off the webmail server.

For the future, I know there may come a time when he will decide it's more beneficial for him to be able to access the network outside of the office. At this time I know I'm going to have to setup the server better.

1) I should probably get a license for the Virus protection for the server..right?
2) If I get a server license for the virus scanning software, do I still need to have individual client versions on the client PC's?
3) We purchased Anti-Hacker software but with only 1 license. Should I install this on the server?
4) Or do I need to buy a server license for the Anti-Hacker software as well?
5) If I buy a server license for the Anti-Hacker software do I still need individual client versions for the client pc's?

Thanks y'all for your input! Tink :)

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Threats are not just from the Internet

by CG IT In reply to Advice on Virus and Hacke ...

If it was my network, I'd have AV on the server and I would have AV on the clients. Never know when some employee who is in a foul mood tries to cause everyone grief and install a virus or worm.

Don't know anything about Anit-Hacker software. I use to use Symantec Corporate AV. Now using CA Associates Protection Suite on the LAN.

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to Advice on Virus and Hacke ...

Get CLAM antivirus for the server. Its open source and free, cons: no realtime virus scan, but you can schedule scans for off hours. Use Ex2003 POP3 connector for external email accounts. Check with software vendors for all licensing questions. Sounds like you have SBS server???? Remote access will be better if you setup a separate terminal server as SBS remote access is mainly for remote admin, also better control of remote access with separate server. Suggest a SMB router/firewall with SPI to install between DSL and server CISCO A5055 would be a good solution.

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Mind if I weigh in?

by dawgit In reply to Advice on Virus and Hacke ...

1) Yes,
2) Yes,
3) No, see #4
4) Probably not, at least at this time.
5) Yes.

Now for why I see it that way. Your server should have AV, regardless. Now a virus can get in from an infected file, or any number of sourses. And of course the clients also need continuded AV as they are connected to the outside world.
As for the Anti-Hacker part, at the moment it should be fine as it is. If and when you do put the server in contact with the outside world than it should also have that level of protection, and your indivdual terminals as well. The point here is that all in contact with the outside need max protection. (I suggest even with a VPN to the sever from the outside, if you decide to go that route.)
In reference to the, 'normal' vs. 'not-normal' business set up, yours is not that unsual. In fact it is down right common for a SMB.
OK? -d

edited to add:
cost should not be that much of an increase, or issue, as all that is need at the moment is 1 AV Licence. (for the server.)

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Protection is the key....but which is the ?

by papastonehaulr In reply to Advice on Virus and Hacke ...

my only advice is ...research ...the RIGHT One...And it definately is not Symantec

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No such thing as "anti-hacker" software no matter what anyone says

by georgeou In reply to Advice on Virus and Hacke ...

You can get antivirus scanning software on the HTTP/FTP/SMTP gateways as one of the most effective way of stopping virus attacks. Antivirus on the Exchange server or Lotus server if you have one is also critical to stop viruses from spreading internally. The same applies to File Servers since they can clean files centrally even if the client attempts to upload an infected file.

Another great defense for the network is Network based IDS. Snort is a free alternative compared to the super expensive solutions out there. Within the month, we'll be doing a series on IPCop and you will want to catch that series.

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No such thing as "anti-hacker" software???

by Kiltie In reply to No such thing as "anti-ha ...

I believe that there are many.

but you also say "no matter what anyone says"

Maybe there are other views?

EDITED to alter tone, as per dblethen's suggestion below, thanks for pointing this out, I realise after I had posted that it wasn't the right way to say things.

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Looking for a different tone.

by dblethen In reply to No such thing as "anti-ha ...

"That suggests to me that you have both hands over your ears, refusing to listen to any contrary viewpoints at all. ... so I won't bother, I have better things to do."

All that I see here is an emotional attack on another person. I could wish that the TechRepublic community would develop a culture of helpfulness and kindness rather than a culture of attack.

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by Kiltie In reply to Looking for a different t ...

I am grateful to you for pointing this out, I have taken your critisism on board and changed the tone.

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There is no one solution that defeats hackers

by georgeou In reply to No such thing as "anti-ha ...

Defeating hackers takes a comprehensive approach to security. There is no one product that defends you against hackers; all the products in the world won't defend you against hackers. My point on security is that there is too much of a focus on products and not enough on knowledge.

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I would like this...

by escheitz In reply to No such thing as "anti-ha ...

I have been looking at IPCop for awhile, and would like another opinion on it.

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