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Advice on where to begin for newb

By mjphotoart ·
I've been sifting through search after search trying to find a place to start and some kind of resource on building an app. Unfortunately, I am new at all this but would really like to learn so our business isn't constantly handing out money for every change we want to make down the road.

The first app or at least phase one is building something that can accomplish the following.
Access and edit customer database with the ability to add new customers.
View their scheduled food orders for the week
The ability for delivery personnel to add to their route based on what is scheduled
with access to google maps for GPS.
Database of meals that can be assigned to daily customers with kind of goes with scheduled food orders but more for the cook to organize daily todo lists.
and of course, to make it better, it has to work on both android and ios

At some point, I would like to be able to send out notifications to customers to let them know we are on the way to their house with an estimated ETA provided by GPS.
Would really like to be able to input payment info with scheduled payments and emailed invoices.

I know this is way over my abilities and just to be able to start trying to figure it out may be way too much to take on. The idea of paying someone for it is not in the budget at the moment due to signing the lease to a property and renovations to get the doors open by July for the brick and mortar location.

If there was some kind of software kind of like wix that handled the coding and dumbed it down like crazy, that would be great. I have been playing around with a couple apps to build with as well as what adobe has to offer. If someone knows of some site they could share that explains how to do what it is I'm looking for and all the stuff in between just to get to that point, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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