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    Advice regarding my Desktop PCB Board

    by steven45mk ·


    Hi All
    Hope you are fine
    I’m here with you to seek advice regarding my PCB board on my desktop. I have recently designed a computer by assembling all the hardware parts of the computer. While inserting a processor into my PCB board a slight spark has occurred. I have noticed that some of the pins inside the processor rack have been folded and I managed to keep them safe. After working continuously for five hours the board gets heated up and affects the performance of the computer. I have applied the paste to cool the processor but It doesn’t work. Can anyone please share advice regarding my issue

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      There should be no sparks at all

      by the master2 ·

      In reply to Advice regarding my Desktop PCB Board

      The only reason that sparks can happen is either than power is applied tot he Motherboard or poor Static Control which has allowed a Static Build up to exit to earth through the Circuit Board. That is very bad and has at the very least degraded the electronic components to such a state that they are no longer reliable.

      Modern CPU Sockets have pins in them with connect to pads on the bottom of the CPU so if there was a spark there the CPU is most likely Toast not to mention the Mother Board as well.

      As for heating up this is normal but as you have not told us any detail I’ll start witht he very basics, when you applied Thermal Paste tot he CPU and fixxed the heatsink did you make sure it is properly fitted and mounting onto the M Board?
      What speed is the FAN on the CPU Heatsink running at and is there any air being sucked onto the heatsink to cool it down?

      What Temp is the CPU actually running at and what are you doing as if there was something serriously wrong I would expect it to show up much sooner than the started 5 hours.

      What is the Throteling Temp for the CPU Set to this is found in BIOS generally and should be somewhere around the 90 C Mark but that all depends on what the unit is actually doing it may need tobe higher if there is a lot of CPU Intensive work being done.

      Actually what are the other Throteling Temps set to in BIOS as well that is fairly important and is the CPU Overclocked?

      That is the starters and we’ll work from there.

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