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Advice regarding my Desktop PCB Board

By steven45mk ·
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Hi All
Hope you are fine
I'm here with you to seek advice regarding my PCB board on my desktop. I have recently designed a computer by assembling all the hardware parts of the computer. While inserting a processor into my PCB board a slight spark has occurred. I have noticed that some of the pins inside the processor rack have been folded and I managed to keep them safe. After working continuously for five hours the board gets heated up and affects the performance of the computer. I have applied the paste to cool the processor but It doesn't work. Can anyone please share advice regarding my issue
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1. That spark.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Advice regarding my Deskt ...

Usually that would be the end but the machine is working so moving on.

2. I don't see you explain why you mention the PCB. You do mention what could be a heat issue but stop short of what the processor rack and pins are.

My guess is you are new to such work and the terminology is made up.

-> If a PC runs great for 5 hours then slows down it could be heat or it could be the app. You didn't tell enough to determine if it's hardware or software.

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Desktop PCB Board

by amfan280 In reply to Advice regarding my Deskt ...

One of the key concepts in electronics is the printed circuit board or PCB. It's so fundamental. In lower-cost electronic gadgets the PCB may have copper on only one side. When we Common examples are along with the edges of computer expansion or memory boards and older cartridge-based video games.

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