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    Advice/ recommendations re: complex wired/wireless network


    by keithm2576 ·

    Sorry this is so long!

    I have a client with a complex network, some of which works some doesn’t. 4 buildings (shop, office, cottage, barn) connected by cable and external wireless antennas. Mix of equipment, brands & models, a number of wireless networks (SSIDs) including a guest network, wireless CCTV cameras all over the place (some of which he can connect to some not, due to some sort of sub-net issue) and a new networked BOSE amplifier which he should be able to manage remotely.

    What we are looking at is simplification and various fixes. For instance in the shop he has a Billion ADSL Modem, a TP-Link wireless router with the two external antennas (one omni and one directional) and an iBoss Parental Control box. Then the office and the barn (function centre) connect back here remotely. The barn has two wireless routers (TP-Link and Netgear) which is where the sub-net issue comes into play and a directional antenna back to the shop!

    I am thinking one box (ADSL modem/wireless router) in the shop plus the iBoss (not even sure what this is), and one box in the barn providing connection back to the shop/office network plus a guest network. In the barn we need the remote cameras and the Bose connecting back to the office for remote management. Also need other remote cameras around the place routing back to the office. Obviously security is an issue which is why I am thinking a Guest wireless network and everything else on one secure wireless network.

    Other current complications are that the wireless routers are also providing both 2.4MHz and 5MHz wireless networks.

    See what I mean about complex? It gave me a headache the first time I looked at it!

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      Couple Ideas

      by k.stehman ·

      In reply to Advice/ recommendations re: complex wired/wireless network

      What Distances are you looking at between locations?
      Are you comfortable running Fibre point to point?

      I would think about using something that is centralized for the Wireless that way you can control everything from a single WebGUI (something like the Ruckus or UniFi system)
      With that you can control all your wireless networking through the centralized WAP system and with fiber you could have a better connection from point to point.

      If the run from point to point is short enough I would spend the extra on outdoor CAT-5 or CAT-6 line.

      Have a centralized switch and have a run from the centralized location to each of the remote points.

      I think this would simplify your network map and make it easier to monitor and maintain.

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      by keithm2576 ·

      In reply to Advice/ recommendations re: complex wired/wireless network

      OK, decided this was beyond me so have called in some local expert support who live and breathe this stuff and also have hardware in stock, which I don’t, that may be of use.
      Will keep you posted!

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