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Advise need re: a moody, late designer

By nycprojectmnger ·
I know this is mostly a tech/developer IT Management site, but if folks have expertise with designers I would appreciate any thoughts/suggestions. I have a designer, ?Moody? that started on my team in from another department. Since then he has missed just about every deadline we have agreed to. I am not asking for hard things either - stuff like design briefs and applying a new look and feel to an already existing email campaign. I can?t figure out what motivates him ? any suggestions?
I?ve tried talking to him about his missed dates. I?ve showed him how the missed dates are tracked. I send him email reminders. I get promises from him on delivery of briefs in the morning for the same day that are not met. I follow up with him and get more promises that are not met. We have team status meeting three times a week where he can communicate issues or changes. He always assures me things are on track, when obviously they are not. This causes other deliverables & resources on the project with dependencies on design to be late.
I asked another designer what he thought and he said maybe it?s because Moody is used to running his own show and now he has a hand-off from IA to design to design. He also said Moody has a lot going on being in 2 bands and he does what he wants when he wants. I said, "That is not my problem." I have heard the following about this guy, "When he wants to work he does, when he doesn?t he doesn?t." To me, this is unacceptable. It?s a job. You work at it. It?s not a choice.

Help would be appreciated. I am concerned that a project we are starting design on next week will not be completed by him before he leaves for vacation and we will be late. I?ve spoken to his department head and she understands my dilemma & we are trying to find a freelancer/replacement, but I am not going to get a replacement for him before this project is due. How can I get deliverables from him on time? Are they any articles on managing employees like this that you?ve seen in the past?

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Document, Document and Document

by BFilmFan In reply to Advise need re: a moody, ...

i would advise you to immediately and in writing, document your concerns with the employee. Make sure you speak with HR and your manager on the process.

Make sure the person understands where they are failing and develop a plan to rectify the situation. If they then fail to live up to standards, you follow whatever HR process is documented on warning an employee that they are on the path to termination. If they don't live up to expectations, then you've attempted to communicate the needs of the business and they failed to take corrective action.

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Find someone who will

by trockii In reply to Advise need re: a moody, ...

If Moody can't make the deadlines, give him a choice, meet the deadlines or find another job. There are plenty of people without jobs that can do the same thing as Moody does. He's hired to do a job and to do it within the time frame alloted. If he can't he needs to speak up or ship out.

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On target....

by Newsletter Ed In reply to Find someone who will

I agree with trockii. Despite the accomodations required by some "creative types" -- missing deadlines shouldn't be one of them. You (or at least some member of your management team) is heading down a slipperly slope. Missed deadlines will, at some point, mean missed revenue. Most senior managers hate when that happens.

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Moody designer

by andy.nelson In reply to Advise need re: a moody, ...

I don't know the workforce situation in the US, but here in the UK, we have a proliferation of hugely talented young designers, all looking to add to their portfolios when fresh out of university - if the situation arose over here, I'd google something like "designer portfolio site" or perhaps contact my local university that has a good design department and see if there's a fresh graduate who'd like a project that you will give him/her a great referral/endorsement for.

Get the graduate to do the project, give them and the university a token payment as a gesture of goodwill (it'll be a **** of a lot cheaper than contractor rates!!), then when the great job is done by the keen, fresh, young guy, pull the lazy guy in the office, show him the work done by the guy who is now a threat to him and tell him unequivocably that there is cheaper, better, keener labour out there who will have his job if he doesn't get it together.

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