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AdWare or Stuborn Pop-up?

By Flake ·
The URL appears in explorer window whenever any site is accessed via a windows shortcut. Disabling WinXP Prefetch has no effect. If shortcut to Google, for example, is accessed by double clicking a shortcut icon on the desktop the user is redirected to the site mentioned above which advertises a Sex Cam service. I have had no luck in locating the cause of this redirection. Has anyone experienced or is experiencing a similar problem? And if so, how did you resolve it?

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to AdWare or Stuborn Pop-up?

go to add remove programs and remove all not productive programs.

also go do and download ad aware 6.0.

and remove all spyware, it came probably with another program.


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by fred07 In reply to AdWare or Stuborn Pop-up?


Virus protection - Norton

Worm protection _ Spywarenuker

Trojan protection - Spywarenuker

Adaware protection - Spywarenuker

Firewall - Zone Alarm Pro


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by lmayeda In reply to AdWare or Stuborn Pop-up?

I have been battling a similar situation for the past 2 weeks... and I've "cleaned" my PC 3 times to the point where I could actually get to a website w/o being redirected to a porn site... however, within days, my system would revert to the problem you describe. For "temporary" remedy, I installed Adaware (I hear that SPYBOT, also free, is good too) to clean out part of the infestation... mainly the program ISTBAR, IST, and ISTBAR services. I used the paths listed via the Adaware program to manually clean out the program files and the 70-100+ entries in the registry. You may also want to go to the McAfee website, Virus Information and type in "blastr" to get more specific information for removal (if this is the same as your problem). As I've mentioned before, my PC has not stayed clean dispite my installation of a firewall and the latest McAfee Dat files. I run the Adaware program frequently (sometimes 3 times, rebooting in between) to get rid of as many spyware/malware as possible. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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by wlbowers In reply to AdWare or Stuborn Pop-up?

If you have system backup/restore enabled it should be disabled before you will be able to completely purge the worm or spywear.

System restore will just keep putting it back.

Good Luck Lee

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