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After a security breach, the company still does not 'get it' about security

By robo_dev ·
To be gentle, I will not name names.

A security professional I know was recently offered a senior level security analyst position at a company that suffered a really epic security breach.

He was shaking his head after he got off the phone with the recruiter.

"They just don't get it" he said.

The company is highly profitable and growing, and told my security friend that his experience and credentials sounded perfect, BUT that the company was looking to pay about $30K below market rate for the position ($75-85K USD).

He told me he was really tempted to do the unthinkable and talk about their breach and state the obvious:

Since the company had a data breach, you would ASSUME it would be somewhat important to hire the best and the brightest IT security people?

Also, perhaps the REASON WHY they had the breach is that they are not hiring well qualified security people?

Perhaps too, despite a security breach that cost them tens of millions, security is not a real priority, and perhaps the company leadership does not understand that good people cost real money to hire.

So my friend said:

"Mark my words, they will get hit with another breach, and if you own stock in this company, you should consider selling it"

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