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    After a virus in Windows 2000


    by computab ·

    I removed the virus, on a Dell system With Intel P4 2.8GHz, 256MB, 30GB and Internet explorer was working, but Outlook Express wasn’t, so I uninstalled TCP/IP, but how do I now reinstall it?

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      Here you go. Let us know how it goes with Outlook Express…
      login with at least local admin rights, then…
      ——–from Windows 2000 Help————
      To install TCP/IP

      Open Network and Dial-up Connections.
      Right-click the network connection for which you want to install and enable TCP/IP, and then click Properties.
      On the General tab (for a local area connection) or the Networking tab (all other connections), if Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is not in the list of installed components, then do the following:
      Click Install.
      Click Protocol, and then click Add.
      In the Select Network Protocol dialog box, click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click OK.
      Verify that the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) check box is selected, and then click OK.

      To open Network and Dial-up Connections, click Start, point to Settings, and then click Network and Dial-up Connections.
      You must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group in order to complete this procedure.
      TCP/IP is installed as the default network protocol if network adapter hardware was detected during Windows 2000 Setup. You only need to follow these instructions if the TCP/IP default selection was overridden during Setup.

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      by computab ·

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