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After Dark 3.0 Gallery

By Greg Shultz Contributor ·
What a trip down memory lane!

What was your favorite screen saver from that era?

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Greg, where is the link?

by Michael Jay In reply to After Dark 3.0 Gallery

just a floating post with no home.

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Not sure what is...

by Greg Shultz Contributor In reply to Greg, where is the link?

going on here. Something is screwy with the discussion area linked to the After Dark 3.0 gallery (http://www.techrepublic.com/photos/dinosaur-sighting-take-a-look-back-at-after-dark-30/6340779). When I submitted my comment and it didn't appear along with the gallery, I submitted another one and it too appeared out here all alone and unattached. I've asked TR to look into it...

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Gods of us all, is the problem with the galleries?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Not sure what is...

Maybe that's what the orphan posts have in common; are they all replies to galleries and the related discussions?

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