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after engineering....MS or MBA?

By divyaman007 ·
Hi everyone...
i am pursuing BE in computer science from India , its my pre-final
i have been thinking and have researched a lot on what should i go
for after finishing my BE. i have 3 options
3 MS
my future goals are to get into business after accumulating a enough
money for it...i guess that will be after when i get 35 or something...
i have interest in computer field... especially in ethical hacking and
securities.i feel like i havent learned anything during all these years of
engineering...all wasted. Everyone i talk to about MS say just one thing
"Hey dude,do you wanna be a professor or something..." Well thats
what i dont want to be as my soul aim is earning for my future
business...which may be related to computers. Everyone suggests
MBA....but i feel like doing MS and then job for a few years and earn a
lot. After that i can pursue MBA. I will do the masters from USA (i will
try my best for it). What my friends are doing is....job for 2-3 years
then MBA. im thinking for MS in securities but i am still
it a correct decision to go for MS and ditching job, MBA for a couple of
years? is it worth?
Kindly help me out... suggest anything....Plesse

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Tough decision

My son is going through the same process now at the University of MN. He is a business major and has the same ultimate quest as you to become a business owner. We talked about him getting his MBA right away as it would be easier since it is the logical progression.

His university advisers and several of my very astute business type friends have changed his mind. A MBA directly out of school is not worth as much to anyone as an MBA after having several years experience. To look at it another way a person having an MBA directly out of school will cost the company more than an undergraduate and for all intents and purposes that person will not have that much more experience.

Your other concern about the MS is somewhat overkill if you are going to venture more into the business world. Any kind of technology degree will have to be constantly refreshed through school or self-learning, simply because technology changes so much and so fast.

I suspect if my son and my before mentioned friends being in your situation, would say that going out and getting experience now for several years and then returning for your MBA or working on your MBA part-time might be your best path. Good luck and good learning.

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by divyaman007 In reply to Tough decision

Mr. Michael Kassner
Thanks for showing interest
i understand what you are trying to say...but i want to play
safe...i mean later on in life i dont want to regret not
doing MS.
i mean MBA can be done anytime in life...even after MS
but one cant even think about MS after MBA.
wont MS wont get me better opportunities... good income
and all that... better than what i will get just after BE.
dont you think with only BE in hand , it will take me ages
to accumulate a good capital.

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I understand

by Michael Kassner Contributor In reply to But....

I understand your confusion, you have to decide whether you want to spend time getting a MS or spend your time in the real world learning about technology and business. You mentioned that your ultimate goal was business-related so I guess I would focus on that aspect.

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Focus on Goal

by T.Walpole In reply to I understand

I agree with Michael. Decide your ultimate goal and then choose the best path to get there. I did my MBA after several years working in industry. I had a much easier time finding the right job afterward. Ask yourself, do you want to be (1) a highly qualified technician or (2) a tech-saavy business leader. If the answer is (1), go for MS. If the answer is (2), go for Work (at least 2 yrs) then MBA.

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related confusion

by asacheti13 In reply to Focus on Goal

Hello sir,
I have the same problem as mentioned above.
I am doing my engg. from India and have the same 2 options after it. I wonder if i would get a better work ex after doing an MS and a greater exposure after that before doing my MBA; and my chances of getting into a better MBA school will be better than without MS. I plan to take up a job after MBA not start a business immediately.
Plz help me clear my confusion or wrong notions if any.

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@ Walpole

by ultimatesuperman In reply to Focus on Goal

Hyy mate ..m workin with ibm ..m just outta college ..i don wanna live this normal borin life ..i always had a plan of takin up mba .but dunno wats d right time 2 take up post graduation ..and mm on a bond with ibm for 15 months right afteer it ..m plannin 2 go ahead about it ..since even you've worked b4 takin up mba ..n now a pg as well ...please guide me in you .re path ..

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by kaptandrews In reply to Tough decision

It is a tough decision...I personally would not pursue a MBA until you have work experience. It will make it alot easier! You can do the MBA while earning money to start a business. An MS will not teach you the skill sets to own and operate a business.

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Well then...

by divyaman007 In reply to Dido...

Hey everyone!
is it that i cant assure myself a good job there just after MS?
what i plan is MS then about 5 years experience and then
is it that one can either end up in labs doing research or
become a professor after MS.... cant one get a good job with
hefty income

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final decision

by divyaman007 In reply to Well then...

after taking lots of advice from many working people, i have finally decided to go for job!
Thanks everyone!

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same issue

by abhi.amity In reply to final decision

After the whole chat between you people, i finally made my mind to take experience for at least 2 years. but will it help me in todays recession period in India also.

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