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    After fixing six friends computers


    by zlitocook ·

    I got mad at Microsoft because this should not be happening. They thought using MS programs like one care or Defender would be great because they only need one place to get all their updates and to scan their computers. All of the computers had some type of MS software that was slowing down or stopping their computers.
    I use MS for most of my computers and free Linux on two. But MS has made allot of enemies with WGA and other things they have added to the patches.
    It makes me some great money but it is a big headache for all users and MS needs to look before it leaps.

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      by jaqui ·

      In reply to After fixing six friends computers

      a friend went and fixed a buddy’s computer tonight.
      155 malware infestations.
      norton antivirus 2003
      windows firewall

      I was not suprised at all when I heard that. :p

      makes me glad I only use linux, no malware. 😀

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      What I hate the most

      by mjwx ·

      In reply to After fixing six friends computers

      Is that I will fix someone?s computer and tell them what they did wrong. Don?t install toolbars in IE, in fact don?t use IE. I event go as far to put firefox on and hide any reference to IE. But within two weeks they have bought the damned machine back infested with crapware and IE back where from I had removed it (had they even opened firefox?).

      Why is it that these kind of users are computer literate enough to find IE again but not smart enough to update AV or not click on popups.

      Well anyway, I re-installed Winblows on my home machine this weekend (it would not get an address via DHCP on the wired ethernet but it would on wireless, A win 2K server on the same box had no problems with DHCP on wired or wireless). I will not be turning on automatic updates, I will be getting any security updates the hard way. Need to buy a new firewall too, the license has run out on my copy of KPF and Kerio has stopped supporting the product so I need to find a new one, maybe BlackIce.

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        what i hate most 2

        by jedtimmer ·

        In reply to What I hate the most

        can u giv me a clue on the ‘hard way’, please?

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        Zone Alarm

        by wynand.coetzee ·

        In reply to What I hate the most

        I had zone alarm on one of my pc’s at home and its’ the best I have tried that is also free
        If you can afford it get McAfee Internet Security, very nice user interface and you can track an intruder on the world map too.
        It consists of virus scanner, firewall and spam filter for email

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          Zone alarm is good,

          by mjwx ·

          In reply to Zone Alarm

          But I don?t mind paying for a firewall, considering the job its got to do.

          I like to avoid the brand name firewalls (McAfee, Symantec), maybe I’m just cynical, paranoid or both. Besides all I am after is a firewall, Kerio was AU$60 with for 12 months of updates, their firewall was free but I liked the system security suite that went with it. KPF would even block windows processes from running (I had once managed to use it to prevent the logon process from running). Given what companies like MS and Sony have been doing lately I think locking up my system from the OS itself is justified.

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          If you do not mind paying

          by jgmeinhardt ·

          In reply to Zone alarm is good,

          If you do not mind paying for a good Firewall, I would suggest first reading at Steve Gibson (author-developer of never surpassed Spinrite)a report regarding Firewall performance. It is worth reading. After the reading, I bet you will go for Zonalarm Pro.

          Gibson’s site address is:

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          by Anonymous ·

          In reply to Zone Alarm

          I received McAfee anit-virus and firewall free through my ISP. Right off the bat, I didn’t like the install since it’s IE only and further requires you to enable scripting and ActiveX in IE.
          To add insult to injury, it can only update it’s virus signatures if you are running with administrator priviledges. To the extent possible, I try to run as a non-priviledged user and use an administrator account only when necessary. I uninstalled McAfee and do not recommend them.
          I continue to use Zone Alarm for a firewall and I’ve been quite happy with Avast! for an anti-virus solution.

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          MCAfee is fine

          by wynand.coetzee ·

          In reply to McAfee

          I use firefox only and it works fine, just add the update site to the popup blocker allowed sites.
          But you could just set McAfee to update automatically without hassling you.
          Add your user to the local administrators group should do the trick, why are you using a non admin user its not really going to make your pc more secure. That is what a firewall is for.
          But yes Zone Alarm as a firewall and Avast! as a anti virus tool is fine to and its free. !-)
          VIVA free software ( and open source too )

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        windows updates

        by wynand.coetzee ·

        In reply to What I hate the most

        Use autopatcher it installs all the newest windows updates from one big file without having to connect to windows update servers.
        You can choose what to install and is monthly updated
        get it at

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        by zlitocook ·

        In reply to What I hate the most

        Is great or Zone Alarm I use both on different computers.

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        KPF is @ Sunbelt Software

        by donniebnyc ·

        In reply to What I hate the most

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          I’m already sold on Kerio

          by mjwx ·

          In reply to KPF is @ Sunbelt Software

          but my concern is that no-one is supporting the product (updates and patches in case of a serious exploit). Considering that I am relying on my firewall to keep my home PC secure (I consider a wireless network to be insecure regaurdless of what security you put on it) I think a litle bit of paranoir is justified.

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        Try This One

        by rkuhn040172 ·

        In reply to What I hate the most

        Been testing it for a few weeks and seems to be OK. Free!

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          Thanks, I’ll have to remember that link.

          by mjwx ·

          In reply to Try This One

          It looks like a good alternative to Zone Alarm if it is as easy to use. Good for giving to people when I have just fixed their PC’s

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          hey looks cool thanks

          by wynand.coetzee ·

          In reply to Try This One

          nice to know there is a free alternative to every thing software somewhere out there on the net.

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        by federerfan ·

        In reply to What I hate the most

        I have been using ZoneAlarm Security Suite (subscriber version, 30 bucks a year) mainly for firewall and Anti-virus, I’m on my 4th paid year. The Firewall is terrific and I have had success with the AV. The newer anti-spy/mal-ware with ZoneAlarm seems an afterthought to me. Spybot for free is good and I like the paid version of Anonynizer Anti spyware as well. I use in total 5 anti-spyware programs of good repute and each manages to find things the other four don’t. I have friends that use the free ZA and are happy, AVG for anti-virus seems to be the most complete freebie (with daily updates included in the free version) out there.

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      Byting the hand that feeds?

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to After fixing six friends computers

      The fact that MS products are so bad is what makes them good for us! 😀

      Just think how many of us would be laid off if all systems were linux or macs?

      When is the last time you HAD to do something to get your Windows SERVER running again? We have our intranet server and it is at 462 days of uptime.

      You put them in place and forget about them until there is a patch or update that needs to be run. That is why a Windows Admin gets more respect from the NON-tech people because they get to come and “save the day” just about every day!

      As for working on friends computers, they had better bring beer when they DROP OFF THAT SYSTEM! B-)

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        most users it seems

        by rgraham48 ·

        In reply to Byting the hand that feeds?

        I see this exact same problem on almost any “friends” pc I work on. To me, one of the biggest issues is that Dell’s, HP’s, and most other brands come with a 30-60 day “trial” version of anti-virus software. I usually find the AV running on the computer, but it has not been updated in a year or so. Most people tell me “it shows it is running”. Another big problem is most users will click on any ad that pops up when they are browsing the web, not knowing any better. I would like to see the Dell’s and HP’s of the world have a good spyware scanner come installed on the pc along with the antivirus software, and also have some sort of message popup (like when your password is about to expire) to remind the user their “free” trial AV software is about to expire.

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          The best thing I have seen

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to most users it seems

          is a nice elderly lady (friend of my moms, so I was doing mom a favor).

          She saw the notices about “windows updates” available, but always said no because she liked the version of windows she was running so she didn’t want to update to the newer version.

          It HURT keeping myself from laughing out loud because she was so sincere when she said it!

          I had to explain that these were “fixes” for her CURRENT version of windows, and that they should be done. She had been saying no for the two years she had this computer. And of course she had that trial version of McCrappy “running” as well.

          Ya, the system needed a wipe and reload.

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          Well you’re getting close JD

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to The best thing I have seen

          My favourite is a friend of my mothers as well and she can’t resist herself she just has to click on any pop up that appears in [b]Infrequent Exploder[/b] unfortunately this doesn’t carry over to the pop up messages to apply updates or run the update on her AV Scanner but if it’s in IE then it’s fair game to click on.

          She is now complaining about the amount of [b]Porn[/b] being delivered to her in-box and all the Porn Pop ups. :^0

          Unfortunately even with the necessary reload I couldn’t get rid of the majority of the incoming Spam Porn but I did manage to prevent most of the Popus. Now she’s complaining that there is nothing interesting to see on the Net as now nothing pops up to take her to different web sites. 😉

          But at least now she’s not seeing any Porn in her In box as I’ve installed K9 and diverted all of that rubbish to her deleted items box and when she closes OE it supposedly deletes those items. Currently shes getting up wards of 80 E-Mails per day and 4 of those will be for her and the rest will all be junk. I did try to get her to agree to change her E-Mail Address as she only has 20 odd people in her address book and it would have solved a lot of the problems. 😀

          Then on the other hand [b]My Mother[/b] informed me recently that her E-Mail was no longer working as she is such a heavy user I have her on a limited 5 hours per month Contract with a ISP close by and I don’t think that she’s ever exceeded 1 hour in the last 3 years or so that it’s been on. Well I went to the computer opened OE and got a [b]No Dial Tone Error Message[/b] a quick look around found the problem she had unplugged the phone line when she went away so I plugged that back in and found that the last time the E-Mail was cleared was 25 June 05 so she had 867 incoming E-Mails none of which was of any use but I did like the Auto generated E-Mail from her ISP telling her that her Mail Box was full and she couldn’t receive any further E-Mails till it was cleared they put that there daily for about 6 months. :^0

          Her current version of an AV product hasn’t been updated since I installed it most likely and it has expired on the 8 July 06 so I have to install something else there now probably AVG with the heavy use that she gives it. But at least there are no infections of any kind on the computer so she’s doing something right I’m told. Actually she doesn’t turn it on so what harm can she do? 😉

          Col ]:)

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          the nice old lady

          by federerfan ·

          In reply to The best thing I have seen

          That IS a good one.
          I cound NOT keep from LOL at the picture you paint.

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          most users it seems

          by federerfan ·

          In reply to most users it seems

          Boggles the mind, Heh?

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        MMMmmmm BEER

        by zlitocook ·

        In reply to Byting the hand that feeds?

        HaHa thats a great idea! I used to fix computers for free for friends but that got old fast. After working on one for an hour and the person kept asking if he will loose every thing. I asked about backups, I put a icon on the desktop that when clicked would copy his my documents, outlook pst and his my favorites to a second drive. He just looked at me, so I now charge $30 an hour.

        • #3210396

          task manager

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to MMMmmmm BEER

          make a batch file to copy the files, and set it up on a schedule to run.

          Even if it is just clicking an icon, the majority of the (l)uers out there will not do it.

          This is the same price I charge for moving a friend. beer. How much beer? I need enough until the job is done! Longer jobs require more beer!

          Go ahead, trash the system. better bring a case over! B-)

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          More Beer? It Better Be GOOD Beer…

          by steven_fuhrman9 ·

          In reply to task manager

          Remember those commercials ragging on Lite Beer? “We came across 7 cities to visit you and all you have for me is Lite Beer?!”

          Quantity isn’t everything… if you really like your beer (as I do), you’ll insist on the brand, or at least the type, of beer they bring you. A case of Budweiser? In cans no less? Who are you trying to insult here!

          If you’re a “friend”, I’m not charging you the $55/hr I normally charge my regular “customers”. For that you’d better bring me some micro-brewed concoction… or if going mainstream, Samuel Adams or Gordon Biersch! And if you’re like most dingbats who let their computer get that far out of whack and don’t call until its no longer booting, you’d better plan on a sushi dinner as well!

          Sure, money is good, but the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Insist that only quality things go in it.

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          Good Alcohol

          by ngit ·

          In reply to More Beer? It Better Be GOOD Beer…

          Got an $88 bottle of wine for 45 minutes worth of work once… *and* some really good ale while I was working on the computer. *That* was nice compensation.

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          oh, they know in advance

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to More Beer? It Better Be GOOD Beer…

          Usually it has been killians or red stripe, but I go through my “phases”.

          No, bud in a can will only insult me. X-(

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          a case of beer?

          by federerfan ·

          In reply to task manager

          Only a case? You are clearly working too fast! hahaha.

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        Thanks JD for changing my mind

        by icehappy ·

        In reply to Byting the hand that feeds?

        I have always used the example, “put into your minds eye my building a brick wall, perfect in everyway. Now picture the bricks turning into dust no fault to my own a few hours after building.” This explaination has been used when MS bug has robbed my client extra hours charged as I don’t work for free unless the client cannot afford it (I do charity work otherwise known as a sliding scale charge based on the person ability to pay as there isn’t much money in Devon England but people who are challanged money wise still need to compute!) If I were a brick layer I would have a case against the brick manuf. There have been many times because of these types of MS problems of my having to do my work over again which was not my fault. When building a system one cannot stop after every update to do a back up. Remember I come from computing 22 years ago where backing up as we have been able to in the last 10 – 15 years with Hard drive prices falling so this type of instant back up wasn’t available. One was lucky in those days to have a computer let alone the fleet I have now not to mention the one hard drive vs the TBytes I now have. I was one of those beta tester that MS Dos 6 wiped out my hard drive. Yes I had a back up only lost a couple of hours. However the time I gave to MS over this issue cost me far more as a key employee in my own company! I had MS employees from 4 different sites in the US calling me many times – not to mention here in the UK. When I asked for payment I was told that bugs reporting didn’t get paid. I then said don’t belittle me! I understand that as well as you (MS)understands that there is no such thing as a free lunch. I have provided many hours of consultancy – THAT is what I want payment for. I won and was paid… Thus MS DOS 6.00 arrived without this problem.

        Getting back to my change of mind. It wasn’t until you JD pointed out how long I have been in this field working. Because of MS bloatware Blue Chip companies needed more CPU’s – spin off I was the longest running reseller of Cybex KVM (Long before KVM was coined and I know which reseller Cybex ripped off that coinage from) here in the UK. I never credit MS for my success. I have always had a side line building computer and solving MS problems. Now that JD has made me THINK and I guess I should thank MS for 22 years of business AND BE VERY HAPPY that MS does not design the Auto – I refer to Auto Manufs reply to MS – If MS built cars column a few years ago….

        Thanks JD
        PS I do wonder how some end user get their hands on intellectual properties when they are UNARMED:-)!

        Thanks JD for a refreshing view point.

        • #3210760

          And here I though ICE

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Thanks JD for changing my mind

          as I was reading through your post, that you had changed your mind and were going to start charging [b] beer [/b] for the cash challenged customers! 😀

          There is ALWAYS a bright side to things, and looking at the same thing in a positive way can make all the difference on how you feel about your day. B-)


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        the problem with that logic is

        by mindilator9 ·

        In reply to Byting the hand that feeds?

        if all the machines were linux or macs, virus writers would turn their attention to these systems instead and you would still deal with a ton of crap. remember, microsoft is the hacker whipping boy. it’s because of them that malicious intent is diverted away from linux and mac systems.

        • #3212229

          Oh, your one of THOSE people…….

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to the problem with that logic is

          First, even without HAVING to have at least three third party software packages to protect your computer from the nasties out there, there is enough going on a windows system that it can crash just fine all on it’s own. Have you seen the error where you can TRASH your XP system by running SCANDISK? Better hope you have a good restore point, or your editing the registry from a command prompt OR doing a reload.

          Linux security, because of the USER NOT having permission to make system changes, anything the user is dumb enough to activate can at most only affect that users data.

          Thanks to not having all the automated crap running that allows viruses to install themselves just by viewing a web page, you are again safe from most avenues of attack.

          That is why there is not a SINGLE “in the wild” virus for *nix.

          A note, *nix has BEEN the internet, so it has been a target for decades longer than windows. With that much of a head start, why isn’t there the rampant viruses? And yes, there are more *nix web servers on the net than there are windows, so again your uninformed.

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      by falling burrito brother ·

      In reply to After fixing six friends computers

      I ‘do’ friend’s & relative’s PCs – but not for money (it seems to imply some kind of permanent support arrangement, which I don’t want). Instead they help fix my car, buy decent Whisky, help me clear Gorse from my paddocks etc. ‘In Kind’ sort of stuff – seems to work well.

      On their PCs, once fixed\cleaned up, they all get :
      Windows Defender
      Rootkit Revealer
      Trend Micro Housecall
      …all updated (where applicable) and PC scanned with each & declared clean. Then they get demo’s of how to a)update the products and b) scan the PC with the products – if they find anything, they can call me for advice – but thereafter the PC is theirs to do with what they will. I tell them what NOT to do (visit porn sites, identify yourself, respond to emails you aren’t sure of yadayadayada…..) – but it’s their life, basically.
      Some are careful, some aren’t, some have kids\boyfriends\girlfriends who screw the system up again within a few days….what can you do?? I’ve informed them of the basics, they know the risks so it’s up to them. I keep getting whisky, the car keeps running smoothly, weeds don’t get too much of a hold in the paddocks.

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      Microsoft Rage! How ’bout Friend Rage?

      by vmwarez ·

      In reply to After fixing six friends computers

      In the end, it always comes down to the user… point your finger where you may. Somone’s drivin’ that PC.

      • #3210706

        Microsoft Rage is the CORRECT term…

        by btljooz ·

        In reply to Microsoft Rage! How ’bout Friend Rage?

        This is why I don’t use anything M$ except the OS. If it weren’t for the co$t of getting RID of M$ altogether I wouldn’t even use that!

        However, you do make a strong point on EDUCATION of indiviuals. I’ve learned a lot the hard way and even MORE by coming in here, ZDNet and C/Net. Why not pass on EDUCATION by passing on links to these sites and give people yet other avenues to learn on as well as the expen$ive way. 😉

        • #3212110

          Yeah but

          by zlitocook ·

          In reply to Microsoft Rage is the CORRECT term…

          This was no fault of the user it was from a Microsoft update or trying to use their Defender software.

        • #3212015

          Also MS telling them all

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Yeah but

          That the current version of Windows is the [b]Most secure Ever[/b] hasn’t helped either.

          I’ve seen way too many systems without any form of security at all and it’s all because the owner has bought the [b]Marketing Hype[/b] that comes with Windows.

          What is good with modern PC’s and their OS’s [b]They are easy to use without any Education![/b]

          And what is [b]Bad[/b] with modern PC’s and their off the shelf OS’s [b]They are easy to use without any Education![/b]

          You can not blame the [b]Uneducated End User[/b] because they where sold something and never told that they had to buy more to keep it working. This is entirely the fault of the OS Maker and their Marketing Department!

          The [b]Home User Market[/b] is the most abused and corrupted market on the face of the planet when it comes to [b]Home Computers.[/b] Even recently my brother in Law walked into the shop that sold him his Mac NB and asked to buy an AV program for the computer that they sold him he actually had it with him at the time and what did the [b]So Called Experts[/b] sell him Norton’s Internet Security 2005 for an Apple OS.

          Now when things like this happen how can you honestly expect the [b]Average Home User[/b] to know any better?


        • #3211140

          I compleatly agree

          by zlitocook ·

          In reply to Also MS telling them all

          With what you say, MS put it self in every ones computer. By telling the computer makers that if they did not use MS software first, they would pay more for it latter. And in doing so it made itself the most looked to software product. And most non tech. people which is 90% of Windows software.
          Read the hype and believe that it is the best and most secure software they can use.
          And with automatic updates the user has the idea that the computer is protected.
          If the computer came with trial ware with antivirus and other things the normal user thinks that they can do what they want and still be protected.
          MS is the most used software on home user?s computers; they need to except this and provide free training for all users. At some point MS needs to provide a stop as a new computer boots up. So the user has to use/view a program that tells them the bad things going on the internet. Like spoofing, ID stealing and other problems. MS should offer free classes on how to protect your self and get in to the real community to help people who just do not understand computers.

    • #3210768

      Try teaching Senior Citizens…

      by mobill122 ·

      In reply to After fixing six friends computers

      We do the system maintenance for a local Senior Center that has a computer lab.
      They have a computer lab with 10 old computers using XP, and if I’m around during a class, the instructor is always introducing me to the class.
      Most of the time the group is 60 y/o plus…
      Recently helped one stubborn 86 year old that insisted that a tech had added the ” Administrator account ” to his computer so he could use it to do bad things on the Internet through his computer. He DELETED the Admin account… LOL
      He called me a week later… he got one of those popups that says ” You got a virus…” so he tried to re-install XP Pro… got lost and so called me. First thing I see when I get there, is his USB card and Ethernet card laying on the back corner of his desk… guess he wanted to isolate the virus infection, so he ripped them out of the tower. LOL
      At least these folks are trying to learn, even though some of them can’t even double click a mouse… thats better than throwing it in a closet and saying…screw this !!

      • #3212219

        Grey Matters

        by thedavestretch ·

        In reply to Try teaching Senior Citizens…

        My experience of teaching over 60s is that if you don’t explain things to them, they don’t understand, and if you do, they do (should say we do really). So, why was he doing what he did? I find some youngsters (50 yr olds and less) patronise and don’t bother explaining to elderly learners and then blame the learner. Surely the teacher has some responsibility here?

      • #3212011

        I’ve had a completely different experience

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Try teaching Senior Citizens…

        When it comes to Old Peoples Homes I do some volunteer work for one close to my home actually right across the road. I’m hoping for a long stay there latter this year or maybe early next year when Vista hits the streets.

        But I’m constantly bombarded with the residents showing me the latest Porn Sites that they have found and the women are the worst! The sites are bad enough but their vivid descriptions of them are another thing all together. The entire this is so absurd that all I can do is laugh. ;\

        They manage to wreck the OS’s very quickly by constantly visiting the wrong sites and getting the systems loaded to the brim with junk.

        When it’s a bit quite I take a few of my staff over there and we clean out all the computers and get them working all just like new again but no matter what we do they always end up in the same state Spy Ware Definitions are never updated Virus Sans are not allowed to run in the background or when they are scheduled to run the machines are turned off. Every time we have to update the various Definitions and then perform complete scans while at the same time listening to the vivid descriptions of what the residents latest finds are. :^0

        But it’s anything but Boring to go there and everyone that I take there ends up doing their bit for free whenever they have the time to go there. The stories that they come out with make us all laugh. B-)

        Col ]:)

    • #3212353

      Let me tell you a story…

      by boomslang ·

      In reply to After fixing six friends computers

      My boss got a home computer for her children, a 1.4 GHz Dell that was when purchased, fairly top of the line. It had the usual kid problems, what with Morpheus and Kazaa being installed (but never quite working as advertised, kids never discovered hardware firewalling though they figured out how to remove ZoneAlarm), suffered from the various tool bars, adware and gee I don’t know how that got there pornware installs. It became a normal ritual to go strip the stuff out every two months.

      I put that Micrsoft acquired Giant Software antispyware package on it which helped some with the kid infection, but still got pretty proficient with running HijackThis, RootKitRevealer and Norton Antivirus. Spyware Blaster did pretty well at keeping all the activeX stuff down, but when you have a computer running all users as administrative accounts, you just cannot avoid all the stuff out there (didn’t want to deal with them complaining about it being too hard to log into a separate account to install software, their friends would have told them how to disable that anyway if they had the administrator password).

      The system was set up to automatically install Windows updates, antivirus updates and I kept all other programs updated. During all this, the system performance would undulate with it being slower during spyware infestations. They discovered IM which made the problem a little worse, Norton Antivirus almost worked at keeping that attack vector safe, but not quite enought to make me think that it would make using IM at work safe.

      During their IM phase, somewhere along the line, the computer took a severe performance hit. I could do the usual things, clean up, defrag, etc. and it would run a little bit better, but never recover back to it’s old self. Starting Internet Explorer was an excercise in patience. Then my boss upgraded to Norton Internet Security 2006 and it really went down the tubes. I thought that was a cause of the problem as a few friends had noticed that NIS2006 caused system slowdowns for them. Nothing showed me any problems, started hunting for rootkits with Blacklight, RKR, and even fired up a BartPE disk. Got out JV16 Power Utils and agressively cleaned the registry. Some of the performance seemed to come back. I told my boss we needed to completely reload the system as it probably got rootkitted, though I just could not find any evidence of that. Didn’t get around to the system reload. Kids were graduated and moved out of the house, so it wasn’t much of a priority. I did increase the system memory up to 512MB at that time, but it had little effect on system performance which was not a normal experience for me. Usually systems going from 256MB to 512MB tend to show a pretty good boost in performance.

      A month later it really got slow, now Internet Explorer was taking 5 minutes to load and ran like molasses, the system had got to the point where it was unusable. This was around the last MSN messenger update (this bears extremely high on the problem, didn’t know it at the time).

      Well, I decided to take advantage of everyone in the house going on vacation. Backed up the data, started stripping out unused software. This was going to be a forensic type operation as I really wanted to find out what the heck was going on with what had been a perfectly nice system. I spent a week hitting it with every diagnostic I could get hands on to detect anything that might be on it. There was absolutely no sign of any rootkit, virus, spyware, nothing.

      I gave up, assembled all the disks and formatted the hard drive. I went into diagnostic reload mode. Install programs, check performance. Wow! It was back to being the computer I’d recommended. Slightly slower if you’re used to 3GHz machines, but plenty good enough to use. One major thing I notice is that Norton Internet Security 2006 doesn’t seem to have that much effect on the performance. Scratch that as a problem. It’s really running well! Stomped out that registry corruption, rootkit or whatever the heck was causing the problem, attaboy Dude, you’re cooking!

      Somewhere toward the end, I’m ticking off the list of software to be reinstalled. Hmm, MSN Instant Messenger, well my boss is using it to keep in touch with her kids at a distance now, so I probably had better install it. It asks during the install of the latest and greatest if I’d like to install the MSN Tool Bar. What the hey, it was on there before. Wham, January hits the Molasses Tank and we’re right back where we started with extended load time for Internet Explorer and a slow system response. Hmmmm! Well, which if the last two items can I do without? I unistall MSN Messenger and MSN Toolbar and the computer is just screeming in comparison to what I had experienced. Some headscratching later, I go back through the reinstall and tell it not to install the MSN toolbar. Wow, it is still running just as well as pre MSN Messenger!!!

      So, now the system is running quite happily with the Google toolbar and strict instructions to stay away from MSN toolbar. My boss and her jusband aren’t adventurous in their internet useage, their other computer, a laptop has stayed infection free for the year and a half they’ve had it, so unless one of the kids moves back home or gets adventurous on a visit, this desktop computer may just well be cured.

      So how many people out there have bought a new computer just because they wanted to IM their friends, didn’t pay attention and installed that MSN toolbar and couldn’t get their system performance back?

      • #3212801

        I resemble that remark!

        by ccrtrustee ·

        In reply to Let me tell you a story…

        As a seasoned citizen who pretends to be “not so smart”…seems to me that Patrick Norton of TechTV fame came to the same conclusion that you did with the MSN toolbar. This was when TechTV was still a viable cable channel before G4 swallowed it (no offense intended, G4.)and Patrick, Leo, and “Lockergnome” Parillo could be seen “live” on tape.

        Where was TiVo when I needed it?

    • #3212341

      Spread the Cheer

      by ohpleaseagain ·

      In reply to After fixing six friends computers

      I can really relate. I refurb corp./school changeovers and tech shoot/admin. for friends/family and a few businesses. One sister, neice and nephew constantly induldge “click mania”. I had to reformat her box 5 times in a year, I don’t so much mind once or twice in a while as long as the person learns and stops the bad stuff. I got the atypical ” as a teenager,in school,had a class,,I know everything” from the neice I flat said last time-period. When it has 4000+ cookies, malware, virus’, GEEZ! Reset button has a fingernail groove in it. Sure enough in no time sister calls, dead, blue screen, can’t browse. I held my ground only to have her blame the computer and say she’s going to go buy a latest, greatest bells and whistles. I then “re-esplained” and suggested she go to a local repair shop where she had to pay for the fix. Next it was “I’m going cable to seperate the bad, slow part of the internet so we can just get the fast,good part” Then when that wouldn’t work right-another call. Now she’s mad at me and won’t speak. Go figure!
      I don’t mind helping anybody out if they appreciate it, but not for free anymore. I barter for services a lot to keep the cash flow to a min. They win, we win. MS is the epitome of the love/hate relationship, but at least Bill and Melissa are trying to help people with their money, unlike too many wealthy people that wouldn’t pee on you if you were on fire. Beats digging ditches.(Yes, I’ve dug my share)

      • #3212302

        bill and melissa trying to help people?

        by mindilator9 ·

        In reply to Spread the Cheer

        don’t forget about what a great tax shelter having a charity is.

        • #3169171

          Don’t forget about Bill and Melinda

          by zyphlar ·

          In reply to bill and melissa trying to help people?

          I hear that Bill and Melinda do some great, needed charity work with their money, and have a very down-to-earth philosophy about sharing their wealth with their children. I’m sure your Bill and Melissa would agree.

    • #3212262


      by sungumbo ·

      In reply to After fixing six friends computers

      I have windows 2000 pro i replace my old hard drive with WD 160gb hard drive was planning to connect the old hard drive to E-drive and drag drop files. I install the new hard drive and ran a bootable diskette no error codes but it show error codes from the old hard drive can these error codes can remove? How would i remove these codes? Or would i reinstall windows 2000?

      Thank You

      • #3212094

        Using your old Hard Drive as new storage

        by zookeeperz9 ·

        In reply to computer

        You have to format the old drive. It is currently formatted as the system drive. Didn’t Western Digital come with software to auto do that for you? My Seagate hard drive did

    • #3212180

      The only people who really complain about WGA…

      by jgendi ·

      In reply to After fixing six friends computers

      Are the ones that didn’t buy their copies. Well, too bad for you. It means an extra click or two of my mouse, but that’s it. For legit users, it makes no difference, really.

      • #3212146

        Have you hear of the virus

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to The only people who really complain about WGA…

        that looks the same, and because it LOOKS like MS, people just happily do “an extra click or two” and goodbye system.

        It IS also a hassle to legit users. I would know, because I am one and it is a hassle.

      • #3212114

        I Beg To Differ….

        by steven_fuhrman9 ·

        In reply to The only people who really complain about WGA…

        I complain about WGA all the time… not because I don’t have a legitimate copy, and not because I’m even directly affected by the drawbacks of a copy that got caught, but because I do computer support for a liviing and have seen two cases (so far) where legitimate machines have been deemed illegitimate. One was setup less than one week before the WGA patch came out and one had been in use for well over a year.

        If you do some research, you’ll see that under certain circumstances, the WGA tool has failed and misidentified legal installations as bootlegs. All Microsoft can say about it is “Oops, we’re sorry” and it creates an entire reload issue for me… Do I want that kind of work? Not really…. I’m paid by the hour and can sit on my rear while I wait for REAL problems to arrise rather than have to respond to “emergency reloads” because of a bum installation of a Microsoft “patch”. Not that this hasn’t happened before, but it is definitely worth complaining about… even if you don’t have a bootleg copy of the OS.

        • #3212078

          That’s Funny

          by rkuhn040172 ·

          In reply to I Beg To Differ….

          My experience was totally different. It only happened once but I called MS and gave them enough information to prove my copy was legit and what to you know…they gave me a new key and how to change the key and from then on everything has worked flawlessly.

          Yes, it was about 20 minutes of wasting my time, but that is only 20 minutes on 1 PC when I am supporting hundreds.

          I like to think of myself as a good citizen and if donating only 20 minutes of my time helps crack down on pirated software, so be it…I’ll cooperate.

        • #3212044

          Not Funny Scarry that you give up so much freedom to MS

          by icehappy ·

          In reply to That’s Funny

          WGA – isn’t this like going through a metal detector before going into a church… Some things should be done on trust. Imagine all sales reps with company cars radioing the boss everytime the rep parks. How about this one… The company car calls the boss when the rep fires her up on Monday morning or worse when you turned off the company car Friday afternoon?!? At least the company bought the car…. I think the reps would take to purchasing their own cars and charging the company milage. The last time I check MS bought me nothing so where is their rights?!? In WGA case I have been leant on by fellow power users who have made changes to our industry over the last 22 years (me included) to try Linux for the last 10 years. I have no sane answer now why I haven’t. In the pass I was not paranoid just too busy selling excellent hardware (KVM) and now I cannot wait to get Linux on my Dual Xeons…. I use mobile racks for hard drives in my computers so changing the boot drive is easy. It shall be interesting when I make the move fully to Linux how many times I will use XP Pro boot drive. God knows I am honest – Bill Gates the demi god believes me other:-(! I am gone!!!!

          I know if we are all like rickk in attitude how about allowing the police to pull over all cars maybe one of them might have a drunk driver, a stolen car or worse a Ben Franklin who might over throw the government with his Guttenberg printing press!!!!

        • #3212023

          Your Examples

          by rkuhn040172 ·

          In reply to Not Funny Scarry that you give up so much freedom to MS

          Are a bit extreme and besides, if you don’t like the product (MS), you do have a choice. Switch to Linux and stop bitching about it.

          Case closed.

        • #3211997


          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Your Examples

          I do have a choice and most of the time I don’t use anything MS though I have signed up for the Beta Testing and have always Beta Tested any MS Product. I’m a [b]Certified MS Partner[/b] and I’m treated like CRAP by MS every time I ring them on my [b]Special Phone Number[/b] which I pay the privilege for once a year in subscription fees.

          As far as I’m concerned MS could disappear tomorrow and it personally wouldn’t worry me in the slightest.

          But I also live in the [b]Real World[/b] where so many Business are tied to Windows like a drunken sailor is tied to the closest hooker after 2 years of [b]Sea Duty without R & R![/b] Most business have to use Windows and they are stuck with it weather I like it or not and the Government Departments who I service who have a [b]Special Deal[/b] with MS can not live without it. Now granted I’m trying very hard to drop the Government work as it’s an unnecessary pain but so far whatever I’ve tried has failed as they simply are unable to get anyone else stupid enough to take on the work. Although 1 company did try and we then took 3 months to fix up what they had managed to muck up in 1 week.

          Government work doesn’t pay well enough for the rubbish that you have to put up with and they are slow at paying as well. I can guarantee that if I stopped any Government work now I would still be receiving payment checks for another 18 months. That is why most companies will not touch any form of Government Work with a 40 foot Barge Pole.

          At one of my clients I have a Nix Mail Server running day in and out and it just runs there in the background without a second thought. Now I’m getting complaints as to why the Other Servers and Desktops are not as reliable. I had to sneak in the mail Server after the finial payment was made and the requirements changed again so I had to do it as cheaply as possible because the money was coming out of the profits from that installation. Currently they want their File Server moved to the same OS as their Mail Server and a few of their other Servers moved over as well. Currently the Internet Gateway and Mail Server are both Nix Boxes and everything else is MS Volume License which Ive had to change the product Keys on only the once when WGA became available. Seems that the XP Pro SP2 CD and Product Key that was supplied by MS wasn’t acceptable to WGA and so far every Volume License OS Product from MS that I’ve ever used in the XP Range has suffered from this problem.

          MS gets it both ways here as they only provide 1 install CD and then allow you to install it on as many machines as you have bought Licenses for but with nothing to prove that you are doing Legal Installs other than the accomping Paper work which gets filed in the Accounts Box and generally disappears forever after that event.

          If you are looking at Home Machines than there’s no problems as you only have a couple of computers and even then normally there is only 1 XP and something else on the older one generally 98 or ME. But with business and here I am generally talking [b]Small Business[/b] who are big enough to be a problem but not big enough to have any form of IT Department you have a problem with WGA and most other things MS. The only saving grace with MS and the Volume License Products is that it doesn’t require Activation after the install.


        • #3211982

          We have lost more freedom because of this lame attitude

          by icehappy ·

          In reply to Your Examples

          Sorry rickk I was stating fact not bitching…. See Hal9000 as he has my point and it seems the same stress which is not paid for by the end user. Everytime I come back to America I see less and less freedom. When mentioning this to my fellow Americans some people don’t know what I am on about…. America was built on debate. I guess you would have burnt the bitches that signed the Declaration of Indep. as well… Good one bud now tell me why are you in intellectual properties again?!?

        • #3169169

          Invalid arguments

          by zyphlar ·

          In reply to We have lost more freedom because of this lame attitude

          HAL’s example is valid to illustrate his experience, however it doesn’t translate into Microsoft users as a whole. I run a small business network (160 XP machines) with Open Licenses as well as individual licenses, and have never had an issue, even after installing WGA. I would imagine that as a government entity, someone stole his Open key and shared it with hundreds of people. That’s not Microsoft’s fault.

          It’s also not Microsoft’s fault that so many (80% of China) people pirate their software. They went for 20 years without any antipiracy measures, and even now they are gracious enough not to investigate or prosecute you when you are found to be running an illegal copy. Personally, as a network admin the WGA tool is helpful to know that none of my machines are running illegally.

          Although I agree that freedom in America is a scary issue, I disagree that Microsoft’s WGA and activation requirement somehow infringes on our freedom. We gave up our freedom to copy others’ intellectual property back when we realized that it would encourage people to publish content.

          Microsoft trusted us to follow the law, but now they realize we won’t do it unless there’s a reason to. Now we have a reason to, like it or not.

      • #3212106

        Not necessarily

        by john1960boy ·

        In reply to The only people who really complain about WGA…

        The thing about WGA is that Microsoft added a phone home to it. I have no idea what it reported but why was it necessary on legitimnate copies. Sony puts a root kit on with out your knowledge. What’s wrong with these companies? Microsoft and others ought to ask themselves how they would feel if the situation was reversed and customers put phone home bugs on their computers.

      • #3212103

        Sorry I only

        by zlitocook ·

        In reply to The only people who really complain about WGA…

        Work on legit windows computers. I own eight copys of XP Pro, three server systems. I am a system builder and get action packs at a vary good price. Look to the MS forums about the problems with WGA. There are a few hundred post and answers about what to do. And it’s the same way with One Care and defender.
        Or just do a Google on it, thousands of hits.

        • #3212025

          Sometimes “Legitimate” is “Questionable”

          by steven_fuhrman9 ·

          In reply to Sorry I only

          I had a situation where a user bought a machine with an OEM installation of Windows XP Professional (an IBM ThinkCentre M50) and found that trying to create PDF files through Adobe Distiller created poor graphics. We reloaded the machine twice, with the software installed in a different order, and the same issue occured. The user wanted to try a “Retail” installation rather than the OEM version and brought in a copy from home and loaded it up himself. The problem was resolved… but now the customer is running an illegitimate copy since the machine was purchased with an OEM license rather than a retail license.

          The customer’s intentions were admirable and he wanted to do his job. Although I do not understand why the revision of the OEM load of Windows (and their corresponding garbage) would have any bearing on why PDF files weren’t clear is completely mind boggling to me.

          The user has two options: Buy a legitimate key to go with the Retail installation he has, or revert back to the OEM load and find an alternative to Adobe Acrobat for the creation of his PDFs. (Personally, I think this product has long outlived its usefulness for the price tag anyway).

          So, how do the software police like us tech workers for a company have to look at this? He has Windows XP Professional on his machine and he has a Certificate of Authenticity for Windows XP Professional on the side of the machine… that just isn’t the key used to load the machine…

          All I can say is that it’s a frustrating situation for both the user AND us IT folks… and I can only hope that as this machine “phones home” frequently that Microsoft doesn’t come down on the company for piracy for this “questionable” situation.

      • #3212042

        And the honest ones who…

        by boomslang ·

        In reply to The only people who really complain about WGA…

        took their computer to a lazy repair tech who didn’t make sure they brought in the original install disk with the installation key, or if they did, just used his own OEM copy and a keygen to reinstall Windows XP because he’d been doing it that way for the last 3 years and hasn’t had a problem until now.

        Expediency is the pathway to hell… And convenience its enticing ally.

      • #3212001

        What a Crock of BS!

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to The only people who really complain about WGA…

        WGA is nothing but a nightmare for every Volume License User.

        At one company well it’s actually a Government Department they bought a 2,500 Volume License for XP just after it came out and replaced all of their computers well the workstations anyway. Someone there defiantly got things badly wrong and we got the job of making it work.

        Now we didn’t supply anything at all to this system and then we where just supposed to supply the labour to make it work properly. Well the first thing that we noticed is that the Government IT Guys had somehow configured some XP Pro boxes as Domain Controllers I never did manage to find out how they managed this but a call to the IT Department and another Volume License for Windows 2000 Server solved that problem.

        About 4 weeks latter it was all up and running and working quite well. Then SP1 hit the streets and another phone call from the new System Admin accusing us of supplying Pirate Software in the form of those 2,500 Volume Licenses when she had attempted to apply SP1 she got the error message that the OS wasn’t Genuine and so on. Well a quick call to MS after finding the 1 install CD and managing to read the numbers of the inner ring resulted in a replacement Product Key which was received in the e-mail 7 – 10 days latter along with a Registry Hack to change the Product Key so SP1 could be installed. I grabbed a copy of Key Finder and used that instead as it only took seconds to change the Product Key per computer as apposed to the 15 minute + procedure recommended by MS. That involved all 10 of my techs and myself working over the Easter Break to change the product Key on all those computers and when the System Admin came in after the Long Weekend she rolled out SP1.

        Then SP2 hit the streets and another new System Admin again accusing us of supplying Pirate MS Product. Again another phone call to MS and after being run through the wringer again we eventually got the new Product Key again by E-Mail in 7 – 10 working days. 2 Months latter when WGA became available the same message was given again the product installed on every XP machine on the network was Possibly Pirate so not one of them was accepted as the genuine article. So another phone call to MS and another Replacement Product Key latter we again changed all the Product Keys over AGAIN! But at least this time the same System Admin was there so we didn’t get hit with supplying Pirate Software again thankfully. But each of those 2 Key changes had to be performed during working hours as the System Admin couldn’t be bothered to come in after hours and give us a clear run at the computers so we had to hit them during work hours on each occasion and that meant a lot of time wasted while an operator who had been told to shut down their system when we got there just had to finish off what they where currently working on and it wouldn’t take long so we could wait. This was generally a 30 minute wait so you can imagine just how long the last 2 Key Changes took.

        Well the new product key was in for the third time and then each and every month what is the first Patch to download? Have a look in your Update History and see just how often that the WGA Patch is installed on each and every XP Computer. It’s the same KB number and is always available to install whenever a Update request is made so with 1 or even a few computers WGA isn’t much of a problem but when you have thousands of computers badly managed the network traffic slows down to a crawl whenever these computers are allowed to Auto Update and knowing that the WGA is always applied only makes things worse.

        Of course being a Government Department they can not be told how to manage the network and if MS didn’t want you to have the ability to Auto Update they wouldn’t have put it there so why are we trying to make more work for the System Admin there?

        If you are only working with 1 computer hardly anyone will notice it even though it chews up a lot of bandwidth but when you have thousands it makes a major difference to the way that the network performs. Of course a Half Way Decent System Admin wouldn’t hurt but a Bureaucrat is a Bureaucrat and most [b]Can Not[/b] be told how to do their job even though you try to do it gently. What makes it worse is that this was the first Setup like this that the Government installed and now we are doing all their work that their own IT staff who are under-trained and poorly managed can not do at least Locally as we have refused to travel thousands of miles just to fix a couple of computers in a branch office.

        Every time that a new Product Key is required we are accused of selling Pirate MS Software even though we have absolutely nothing at all to do with the supply of anything to these departments and the System Admins have to take it out on us for their short comings. Then when the monthly Updates hit the Net we are called in because the Internet is bogged down with thousands of requests for updates the servers are overloaded with transmitting all this data around and the entire thing is a night mare that is [b]Our Fault![/b]

        Personally I’m sick and tired of being abused for MS Shortcomings by people who should never be allowed any access to a computer unless it is with restricted rights and even then only at Data Entry Level.

        And there is far more to worry about with WGA than just a short burst of data being sent to MS whenever the computer is turned on. What is going to happen to our security when MS decides that they want more than they are currently getting? Currently if there is a request from WGA we have to open a port in the external Firewall and then close it down each time it’s required but I can see a time in the not to distant future when we are going to have to leave that port open for all time and allow unauthorised access by people unknown who are taking advantage of this hole that MS has engineered into their system.


        • #3211855

          If Your Life Is…

          by rkuhn040172 ·

          In reply to What a Crock of BS!

          Such a living hell because of MS, why do you continue to work in the field?

          I’m starting to think you just like to complain.

          “WGA is nothing but a nightmare for every Volume License User.”

          It’s only been a problem for me on 1 PC out of hundreds. You’re overstating the case.

          If MS is so bad, stop supporting them. If MS is so bad, stop using it. If MS is so bad, stop posting in Windows forums.

          Vote with your feet my man and stop being a part of the problem.

        • #3211781

          Same story, different story teller

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to If Your Life Is…

          Thank goodness I don’t have that many issues with this, but my bud DOES hit on this all the time.

          As a support firm, he gets the pleasure of going around cleaning up after the locals.

          About half of the problems he currently hits on, are caused by Microsoft spending more time on securing their liscensing than they are on improving their products.

        • #3211743

          On the Nail JD – Imagine Paid for OS better than Free

          by icehappy ·

          In reply to Same story, different story teller

          The only way to get things to change is by talking about them and that is not bitching but spreading the word to those who read as a visitors. Maybe if enough people stand up and walk up to the window and open it and yell “I mad as hell….” A joke:) but the more people are aware the better the chances something might be done. Only through voice can things change…. You see one man with “one problem” out of every other tech support professional in the whole wide world IS NOT THE WHOLE MARKET and not the correct answer as I have now seen in many forums consultants with WGA problems and that is the same problem of MS. Once Sir Bill said, “If only we can make Windows 15 seconds faster imagine the time saved over the entire planet” or something like that. I just wonder how many man hours world wide has been lost collectively on WGA and then compare what we could have done with that time (money)…. I just wonder what happened to that pep talk can anyone remember Sir Bill’s comment!?!? JD I don’t want MS to go away I am just TIRED of explaining the same reasons for simular MS problems over the years. Imagine having to tell MS clients sorry for a Billionare for over 20 years. I do build excellent Hardware and when one has pride in workmanship it is hard to be let down by a company that has enough money to make their OS not to put their clients as risk.

          Oh on closing it is easy to be passive if one works for a company but when one owns it these things do become personal as one strives “Ever for for excellence” sorry for the attitude…

          Have a BEERFUL weekend everyone I have been presented with a 12 pack of Tiger which is the Pint size not the dinkie size. Must have done something good!

        • #3211231

          The people that need to speak up

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to On the Nail JD – Imagine Paid for OS better than Free

          are the Windows Admins and the Windows users.

          Does ANYONE think that Bill CARES a rip what a bunch of geeks using linux think about the quality, stability, or security of Windows? These are people that would not use Windows ANYWAYS!

          It is the WINDOWS users that need to stand up and stop making excuses just because they want to carry on the religious OS war. Hold MS accountable and DEMAND a better product and EVERYONE will benifit.

        • #3211075

          Another way is by being a alpha or beta tester

          by icehappy ·

          In reply to The people that need to speak up

          and of course passing on positive feed back to MS about negitive aspect of new OS’s. Sort of trying to oil the squeek in the wheel rather than just “bitching” or as I would put discussing the pros and cons. In my case this year I quit this side job as I have seen no positive feed back for all the free consultancy given to MS outside getting an advance viewing of what I am about to support. I hope my words will inspire some to pick up that voice and effort as I am tired and being disabled since I left the service I am proud to have gotten this far.

          Long may the Spirit of America breath the fresh air of debate. It was that way in the beginning… at least that is what they taught me growing up in Napa Ca in history class. Did I say that JFK inspired me to join the army to serve my country… enough said about my lameness:)!

    • #3212026

      Barter Barter Barter

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to After fixing six friends computers

      I sell my skills for the buddies skills. Haven’t used a mover or wanted for tow truck services in 40 years. It’s not so much sell as trade time and skills. I have followed the microsoft explosion from the beginning and wonder what’s next.Like standing at the gate of an new strange disneyland..And some of those rides are killers. I really get more from friends for services rendered than a paying customer who wont even say thank you. Microsoft is the defacto standard and when the other software writers find a more prolific OS, they’ll write for that too. That’s where it all started. IBM wrote the PCDOS first and was followed by microsoft writing MSDOS for Compaq. And away we go. What a ride…

      • #3211047

        Ahemm……. But I thought….

        by muad dib ·

        In reply to Barter Barter Barter

        I was under the ompression that Bill Gates purchased/created and sold “IBM’s” PC-DOS to IBM. Then, because of the details of the Microsoft/IBM conract Gates was able to produce and sell MS-DOS to the other PC vendors.

        Too bad for IBM, good for consumers.

    • #3169170

      Never had these problems

      by zyphlar ·

      In reply to After fixing six friends computers

      The Microsoft-bashing in this originally valid thread is bigoted and unintelligent. I do not run Linux or Mac servers, however I’m not against them. I am, however, against those who feel that a certain software or company is uniformly bad or good.

      I run a 180 node (10 server) Windows 2003/XP network, and have never encountered a problem that significantly affected business, that wasn’t due to my own lack of research or testing. I have yet to come across a significant “well that’s just Microsoft” problem since 2003.

      In any case, I have yet to find an argument against Microsoft that addresses its biases and provides credible evidence.

      • #3169167

        Thank You

        by rkuhn040172 ·

        In reply to Never had these problems

        Like the old saying goes, one never hears about the satified customers only the dissatisfied ones.

    • #3169088

      This brings up a question for me

      by danlm ·

      In reply to After fixing six friends computers

      I don’t use anything but firefox on my home computer , but when I have my daughter. She use’s IE on her signin on this computer.
      How do you remove/hide IE?


      • #3169082

        Virtually Impossible

        by rkuhn040172 ·

        In reply to This brings up a question for me

        It is virtually impossible to remove IE from Windows. It can be well hidden but again, almost impossible to remove.

        You can start by deleting all shortcuts and references to it, use a password protected firewall to deny access to the Internet to the .exe, etc.

        Probably a less dramatic strategy would be to wait for IE 7.0 if you’re running Win XP.

        It is shaping up to be a fairly solid browser of which many people are starting to say will regain the market share, features, security, stablility, etc recently lost to Firefox.

        But I think the bottom line is regardless of which browser you choose, one must take care in properly securing the environment.

        IE is typically less secure, but Firefox run in a less than optimal environment is ever bit as insecure.

        It all starts with AV, firewall, router with NAT, anti-spyware/adware, user education, etc.

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