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After fixing six friends computers

By zlitocook ·
I got mad at Microsoft because this should not be happening. They thought using MS programs like one care or Defender would be great because they only need one place to get all their updates and to scan their computers. All of the computers had some type of MS software that was slowing down or stopping their computers.
I use MS for most of my computers and free Linux on two. But MS has made allot of enemies with WGA and other things they have added to the patches.
It makes me some great money but it is a big headache for all users and MS needs to look before it leaps.

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by Jaqui In reply to After fixing six friends ...

a friend went and fixed a buddy's computer tonight.
155 malware infestations.
norton antivirus 2003
windows firewall

I was not suprised at all when I heard that.

makes me glad I only use linux, no malware.

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What I hate the most

by mjwx In reply to After fixing six friends ...

Is that I will fix someone?s computer and tell them what they did wrong. Don?t install toolbars in IE, in fact don?t use IE. I event go as far to put firefox on and hide any reference to IE. But within two weeks they have bought the damned machine back infested with crapware and IE back where from I had removed it (had they even opened firefox?).

<rant> Why is it that these kind of users are computer literate enough to find IE again but not smart enough to update AV or not click on popups.</rant>

Well anyway, I re-installed Winblows on my home machine this weekend (it would not get an address via DHCP on the wired ethernet but it would on wireless, A win 2K server on the same box had no problems with DHCP on wired or wireless). I will not be turning on automatic updates, I will be getting any security updates the hard way. Need to buy a new firewall too, the license has run out on my copy of KPF and Kerio has stopped supporting the product so I need to find a new one, maybe BlackIce.

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what i hate most 2

by jedtimmer In reply to What I hate the most

can u giv me a clue on the 'hard way', please?

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Zone Alarm

by wynand.coetzee In reply to What I hate the most

I had zone alarm on one of my pc's at home and its' the best I have tried that is also free
If you can afford it get McAfee Internet Security, very nice user interface and you can track an intruder on the world map too.
It consists of virus scanner, firewall and spam filter for email

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Zone alarm is good,

by mjwx In reply to Zone Alarm

But I don?t mind paying for a firewall, considering the job its got to do.

I like to avoid the brand name firewalls (McAfee, Symantec), maybe I'm just cynical, paranoid or both. Besides all I am after is a firewall, Kerio was AU$60 with for 12 months of updates, their firewall was free but I liked the system security suite that went with it. KPF would even block windows processes from running (I had once managed to use it to prevent the logon process from running). Given what companies like MS and Sony have been doing lately I think locking up my system from the OS itself is justified.

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If you do not mind paying

by jgmeinhardt In reply to Zone alarm is good,

If you do not mind paying for a good Firewall, I would suggest first reading at Steve Gibson (author-developer of never surpassed Spinrite)a report regarding Firewall performance. It is worth reading. After the reading, I bet you will go for Zonalarm Pro.

Gibson's site address is:

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by jwatts62 In reply to Zone Alarm

I received McAfee anit-virus and firewall free through my ISP. Right off the bat, I didn't like the install since it's IE only and further requires you to enable scripting and ActiveX in IE.
To add insult to injury, it can only update it's virus signatures if you are running with administrator priviledges. To the extent possible, I try to run as a non-priviledged user and use an administrator account only when necessary. I uninstalled McAfee and do not recommend them.
I continue to use Zone Alarm for a firewall and I've been quite happy with Avast! for an anti-virus solution.

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MCAfee is fine

by wynand.coetzee In reply to McAfee

I use firefox only and it works fine, just add the update site to the popup blocker allowed sites.
But you could just set McAfee to update automatically without hassling you.
Add your user to the local administrators group should do the trick, why are you using a non admin user its not really going to make your pc more secure. That is what a firewall is for.
But yes Zone Alarm as a firewall and Avast! as a anti virus tool is fine to and its free. !-)
VIVA free software ( and open source too )

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windows updates

by wynand.coetzee In reply to What I hate the most

Use autopatcher it installs all the newest windows updates from one big file without having to connect to windows update servers.
You can choose what to install and is monthly updated
get it at

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by mjwx In reply to windows updates


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