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After i get VPN conected i cant reach the file server

By hgonzalez ·
Hi to everyone
i`m from chile.. sorry my bad english!!

my problem is that i can conect to the windows 2003 VPN server trougth the cisco pix. I`v get the 1723 and Gre47 ports done and a can reach the VPN server pinging on it. Actually i can take remote control of the server. BUT I can not reach the file server... and i do not know what i`m doing wrong!!

please give some help!!

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I usually look towards WINS...

by taboga In reply to After i get VPN conected ...

Can't "reach" it meaning unable to ping it, resolve the host name or just what in particular? Is the file server on the same subnet with you?

A rule of thumb I try to follow because it has solved many VPN related issues for me in the past: Identify a WINS Server in the TCP/IP properties of the machine you are using to connect via VPN.

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search for the file server via ip

by gubi4 In reply to I usually look towards WI ...

Once you remote in and our connected to your server, go to search and select search for computers or people, and then enter the file server's ip address, it should come up and then double click on it and you should be in.

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now i can see the servers! but can't ping to them

by hgonzalez In reply to search for the file serve ...

yesterday i was looking how to get there and i found out that i can see the servers and the other machines in the office network from my house using "netwok places", but when i try to get in to the file server by double clicking on it it's says that i'm not alow to use this resourse... then i try to ping on it and does not work either...

any suggestion?

P wins service are running ok (server and client)

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is not working

by hgonzalez In reply to now i can see the servers ...

hi guys

any suggestion?

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DNS? on your local domain server?

by strongwatchman In reply to is not working

Are you running a local domain? If something like myserver.mydomain.local

If so...have you set your DNS servers correctly? In Network Connections under TCP/IP for your Local Area Connection...are the DNS addresses statically set?
192.168 first.
external address 2nd.
If you are running local DNS then you should be using your local DNS to resolve on the local domain.
External DNS servers will not resolve a local domain.
If you are not running local DNS server...then I am not sure how you will resolve the local domain machines...unless your WINS is working...but that is a big pain you should not need it.

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