after installed a new window xp?

By Unz ·
my computer got some problem then i re-installed the window XP which is the same window as i used before. my computer works properly but it runs REAL SLOW and the display screen is worse then before. i tried to get it back to normal in control panel>display>settings then set the screen resolution to the max but it didnt work. the little box reads "out of range" pops up every time i tried to do so. it makes my screen displays the wrong ratio of picture. everything gets wider and it's really hard to read anything. please help

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Install Drivers -- Which MotherBoard/What System Configuration???

by Mehul Bhai In reply to after installed a new win ...

Which MotherBoard you have & What is your System's Configuration??? Give us more details for us to help you solve your problem.
Anyways in the meanwhile I would say Install drivers according to the Motherboard and hardware accessories you have. Go to hardware manufacturer's Website and Download and Install Drivers.

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When you install Windows you also need to install the Hardware Drivers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to after installed a new win ...

So here you need to install at the very least the Video Driver to get the Video Output working as it was intended.

You can download the Video Driver for your OS & Hardware from the Video Cards Makers Web Site or if you do not know who made the Video Card you can use Unknown Device Identifier to Identify your Video Card.

You will probably also need to Open the Device Manager to see what else may need installing. So left click on Start, right click on My Computer and from the drop Down Menu left click on Proprieties, Then when the next Window opens Left Click on the Hardware Tab and when that Window Opens Left Click on Device Manager.

Any missing Drivers will be shown as a Yellow Triangle with a Black Exclamation Mark through it.

All of these will be shown in the Unknown Device Identifier so you can look for the right drivers for XP and your Hardware.


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