After Installing Dell PowerVault 124T LTO-3 Autoloader, Windows is slow

By csheppard ·
Recently I've installed a Dell Powervault 124T LTO-3 Autoloader on my Windows Server 2003 machine. I properly installed the SCSI card in the server and terminated it when hooking the cables up. I installed the drivers and the system recognizes it.

Upon rebooting my server gets stuck on "Preparing Network Connections" Last time this happened, it was a issue with the APC UPS service. That was months ago and that situation was resolved.

My server was running perfectly until I added this onto the network. I rebooted into safemode to maybe find a service used with the 124T but I couldn't find one in services.msc.

When it finally gets past the "Preparing network connections" and I log in, I have no access to the network whatsoever. The IP, DNS, Default gateway, etc is correct and I seem to be stuck.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Slow after LTO installed

by Joanne Lowery In reply to After Installing Dell Pow ...

1, Have you tried removing the SCSI HBA PCB? You might need to mess with the Server BIOS to tell it another controller is present and check that it is not set to bootable BIOS.

2, I assume you have terminated the SCSI channel?
3, A number of Autoloaders have two SCSI ID. The Autoloader then must be the lower of the two ID addresses and the LTO drive the higher address.

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After Installing Dell PowerVault 124T LTO-3 Autoloader, Windows is slow

by ilya.shick In reply to After Installing Dell Pow ...

1If I recalled Dell releases some notice regarding installation.
You can see Tape Loader drivers on Device Manager. It should be Dell.
2. Read systems logs file accordingly to see strange messages.
3. Disable,or remove temporary DLT from this server.

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Problem resolved

by csheppard In reply to After Installing Dell Pow ...

Believe it or not, the problem wasn't with the autoloader, it was the fact that somehow, the network cable wasn't plugged in all the way to the NIC.

Took me only 2 hours to realize that. Felt like a complete idiot.

Thanks anyways.

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